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World AIDS Day 2006 Theme

If this person had HIV, would you have a piece of cake?

In Québec, nearly 17 000 people are living with HIV. Each year, about 1 000 people contract the virus. Although the situation of these individuals has greatly improved because of antiretroviral therapy, their lives have nonetheless been transformed.

People living with HIV often talk about how difficult it is to disclose their condition to others because of fear of rejection: many Quebeckers dread the risk of being infected when they are in the presence of people with HIV.

For these reasons, for World AIDS Day 2006, the MSSS has chosen to focus on perceptions that there are risks of HIV transmission through daily activities, to overcome prejudices that lead to the ostracization of people living with HIV.

Distribution of the World AIDS Day 2006 poster began on 17 November. As usual, posters are sended to partners in the health and social services network and to community organisations involved in the fight against AIDS.