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Mandate (continued)

Within the context of its various levels of action, the Service de lutte contre les ITSS regularly calls on experts so it can remain well-informed of current knowledge and practices in all sectors related to STI. It also draws on research results, surveillance data, programme evaluations or evaluations of health care and services organisation to fulfill its functions properly in relation to the parties involved, not only on a provincial level but also on federal and international levels.

Moreover, the SLITSS is also concerned with what is going on in the field, and looks out for emerging events. Finally, it collaborates closely with the health network, public health experts, and the Institut national de santé publique on the implementation and follow-up of the National Public Health Programme. Its actions do not end there. In view of the ministerial orientations in the fight against STI, which it endorses, the SLITSS implements province-wide actions and supports regional health boards in the development of prevention, promotion, protection and screening programmes. It also fosters a social environment that promotes respect for and protection of the rights of infected individuals and vulnerable groups, and ensures access to and continuity of health care and services offered to persons with these infections.

Therefore, to make progress in the fight against STI, the role of the SLITSS is to conduct training activities and carry out initiatives to foster knowledge transfer and development of expertise among other branches of the Ministère, other ministries, regional boards, and community groups working provincially.