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Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux

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Health and Social Services System in Brief

Funding for services

Most of the funding for health and social services is taken from the general tax base, meaning that the risk can be spread more fairly throughout society. Most of the revenues are derived from the income taxes and other taxes charged by the Government of Québec and paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund, and also from the contributions paid by individuals and employers into the Health Services Fund, and the Fund to Finance Health and Social Services Institutions and federal government transfers.

Health Expenditure

In 2012, total health expenditure in Québec roughly totalled $43.5 billion. This includes both public expenses (including direct expenses covered by the federal government for the clienteles under its responsibility) and private expenses (amounts claimed from private insurance plans, direct payments – such as contributions to accommodation (CHSLD) and for the purchase of drugs – made by individuals, donations, etc.). Public health expenditure, which rose to $30.5 billion in 2012, accounted for 70.2% of the total.

Comparative Health Expenditure, Québec and Canada, 2012
Expenditure Québec Canada**

* Data illustrated above are in current dollars.

** Including health expenditure in Québec.

Source : Canadian Institute for Health Information

Total health expenditure per inhabitant*

5 375 $ 5 911 $

Total health expenditure as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP)

12,1 % 11,3 %

Public expenditure as a percentage of total health expenditure

70,2 % 70,6 %

Public health expenditure per inhabitant

3 773 $ 4 175 $

Social services expenditure is not included in the estimates of the Canadian Institute for Health Information. It accounts for roughly 12% of total health and social services expenditure of the Government of Québec.

Between 2000 and 2012, public and private health expenditure grew annually by an average of 4.9 % and 5.8 % respectively.

Public and Private Health Expenditure per Inhabitant, in current dollars, Québec, 2000 to 2012

Graphique illustrant l'augmentation des dépenses.

Source : Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Last update: December 21, 2015

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