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The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec ensures that the website will be accessible to anyone with disabilities or major technical restrictions.

Elements published after May 10, 2012 comply with the three web accessibility standards adopted by the Gouvernement du Québec on May 10, 2011, except where the standards would require a complete reworking of the section concerned:

  • standard sur l’accessibilité d’un site Web (SGQRI 008-01);
  • standard sur l’accessibilité d’un document téléchargeable (SGQRI 008-02);
  • standard sur l’accessibilité du multimédia dans un site Web (SGQRI 008-03).

The Gouvernement du Québec’s three standards on web accessibility can be viewed and downloaded at: http://www.tresor.gouv.qc.ca/ressources-informationnelles/standards-sur-laccessibilite-du-web/.

The accessibility icon used is:

  • This link opens a new window. Alert that a link will open in a new window.

Non-compliant elements

Some elements of the MSSS website do not comply with government accessibility standards.

These elements are:

  • applications;
  • downloadable documents;
  • multimedia documents;
  • extranets;
  • the search engine;
  • complex tables.

Elements covered by these standards will be adapted at a later date to make them accessible, in accordance with the timetable for entry into effect. Some elements cannot be made compliant because of technological constraints. Elements existing prior to May 9, 2012 will be made compliant only when the section concerned is overhauled.

Accessibility of downloadable documents

The Ministère wishes to inform web users that because of the time needed to convert the large quantity of downloadable documents disseminated on its website into accessible PDF files, documents will be made available in Microsoft Word format.

However, in accordance with the government policy L’accès aux documents et aux services offerts au public pour les personnes handicapées, the Ministère will grant the request of any person for a document in a medium suitable for their needs.


If you experience difficulty completing a form, you can get help by contacting the customer services supplied by Services Québec personnel.

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