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Health and Social Services System in Brief

The Health ans Social Services System in Québecs

Service and Support Programs

In Québec, the health and social services system is divided into service and support programs. This provides a framework for planning, budgeting, resource allocation and reporting.

There are currently nine service programs:

  • Two designed to answer to general population needs : 
    • Public health, that promote, prevent and protect health and well-being, and monitor general population health
    • General services–clinical and assistance activities, which covers frontline care for health issues and temporary social problems
  • Seven service programs that deal with specific issues:
    • Support for independant seniors
    • Physical disabilities, for impairments  related to hearing, vision, language, speech and motor activities
    • Intellectual impairments and autism spectrum disorder
    • Youth with difficulties
    • Dependencies such as alcoholism, drug addiction and compulsive gambling
    • Mental health
    • Physical health, which covers emergency services, specialized and highly specialized services,  continuous services requiring systematic follow-up (for example, chronic disease, cancer, etc.), as well as palliative care

The three support programs provide administrative and technical functions that support service programs. They are:

  • Administration
  • Service support
  • Building and equipment management

Updated on : November 30, 2015

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