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Mandate of the SLITSS

The Service de lutte contre les ITSS (SLITSS) is an administrative coordination structure established to counter various problems caused by the spread of HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus), HCV (hepatitis C virus) and other STI. The Service seeks out various types of expertise, makes use of a variety of experiences and brings together health authorities and professionals, and combines them to enable and facilitate the implementation of STI prevention activities as well as delivery of care and services to people living with these infections and their loved ones.

While the SLITSS encourages convergence for actions conducted jointly with its partners in the fight against STI, it does not limit itself to coordination only; it also designs and develops guidelines in the areas of STI prevention, promotion, protection, screening, health care and services, surveillance, research and development, and expertise. These functions are key and therefore make it necessary for SLITTS to distance itself from its actions so as to acquire a broader view of the issue. >Read more