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2009-2010 campaign

Campaign for young people aged 15 to 24

The campaign for preventing STI's aims at encouraging young people to use condoms with their partners and to continue using condoms after their initial relations. The theme is "Beware and Be Aware." It reminds young people that infected individuals do not always have visible symptoms, which is why always using condoms is so important. Condoms. 100% on.


More often than not, Chlamydia doesn't reveal itself. 3 out of 4 people with Chlamydia ignore the fact that they're infected.

More often than not, herpes doesn't reveal itself. 9 out 10 people with herpes ignore the fact that they're infected.

Website website have information about STI's (in French only).

Campaign for adults aged 25 to 35

The "Let's Take Action to Stop the Spread of STIs" awareness campaign is calling on the people of Québec to rally together. It aims at informing the public about a significant rise in STBBIs over the last several years and convincing adults to protect themselves and their close contacts.


Radio messages

Web website.