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AIDS is still around (2002-2003)

“The goal of this campaign was to remind young adults aged 25 to 34 years that AIDS is still a threat, and to encourage them to protect themselves.

Three posters were produced, in French and in English. Poster themes were the risks related to heterosexual and homosexual relations, and to injection drug use.

Results of focus groups and the Omnibus survey demonstrated that the campaign succeeded in raising the perception of risks. A number of individuals stated they had decided to undergo screening tests and discussed the issue with their partners and friends. The goal of countering the trivialisation of the AIDS problem was attained. The strategy of publishing 3 consecutive pages in a paper such as "Voir" was deemed very effective. The campaign was greatly appreciated.

Two radio messages were broadcast from 6 January to 16 February 2003. The messages were based on the concept of auditory hallucinations and were designed to raise awareness that HIV transmission continues. These messages can be heard on (click on création / portfolio / radio / sida)

AIDS is still around (2002-2003) posters :