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Pneumococcal infections
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The best protection!

Vaccines stimulate our defense cells to produce substances called antibodies in what is an entirely natural protective reaction. These antibodies protect a vaccinated individual against disease caused by real germs.

Whether for you or your child, vaccination is a major ally.

Vaccination against Measles

A measles epidemic struck Québec in April 2011. To date over 775 cases have been recorded, including the most recent contracted in Québec. This is the biggest measles outbreak in the Americas since 2002.

Measles is a highly contagious disease that can lead to serious complications. It affects young children, teens, and young adults alike. Today, vaccination is the only effective protection against measles. See the Vaccination against Measles web page to find out more.

Get the Facts!

You have questions about vaccination? A health professional has recommended a vaccination to you. You aren’t sure whether you should agree to the vaccination or refuse.

We invite you to check where do you stand on the question of vaccination? Your reservations and your motivation.