Personalized invitation letter

Personalized invitation letter

How to register

How to register

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Regional resources

Regional service coordination centres (CCSRs)

Activities are coordinated by the regional service coordination center in each region.

The main services offered by the regional service coordination center are:

  • Send invitation letters or reminder every two years;
  • Send results letters following screening mammography;
  • Make sure that responsibility for a medical care is transferred to a doctor for women who takes part on the (PQDCS);
  • Answer to questions of women in the screening program for breast cancer (PQDCS);
  • Information on the screening program in each region, with women and stakeholders.

Designated screening centres (CDDs)

The designated screening centers offers breast cancer screening. They are designated by the Minister of Health and Social Services. They can be a private radiology clinic or public hospital that meets quality criteria defined by the program.

Designated referral centres (CRIDs)

Itinerant Mammography Services