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Mental health

Anxiety Disorders are real. So are the solutions.

At least 10% of Quebecois suffer from anxiety disorders. Read the following pages from the Portail santé mieux-être to learn more about this mental health condition:

Fighting the stigma

People with mental illness are often victims of prejudice, which is usually the result of ignorance and the many misconceptions about mental health and mental illness. The stigmatization only adds to the suffering and limitations that people with mental illness have to face, and it can lead to their social exclusion.

Mental illnesses are not personal weaknesses. The word says it all—they are illnesses and they can be treated. Information is the best weapon against preconceptions about mental illness.

For more information, consult the Fighting the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness This link opens a new window. page from the Portail santé mieux-être.