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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

18/02/2019 - International - Is there a ‘pig cycle’ in the labour supply of doctors? How training and immigration policies respond to physician shortages 
18/02/2019 - Norway - Regional variation in healthcare utilization and mortality 
18/02/2019 - USA - Sustainable care coordination: a qualitative study of primary care provider, administrator, and insurer perspectives 
18/02/2019 - UK - Age UK’s Personalised Integrated Care Programme. Evaluation of impact on hospital activity 
18/02/2019 - Italy - Use of healthcare services at the end of life in decedents compared to their surviving counterparts: A case-control study among adults born before 1946 in Friuli Venezia Giulia 
18/02/2019 - USA - Characteristics and behavioral health needs of patients with patterns of high hospital use: implications for primary care providers 
18/02/2019 - Norway - Attitudes of mental health providers towards adoption of evidence-based interventions: relationship to workplace, staff roles and social and psychological factors at work 
18/02/2019 - Australia - A systematic review of service models and evidence relating to the clinically operated community-based residential mental health rehabilitation for adults with severe and persisting mental illness in Australia 
18/02/2019 - Spain - Unravelling Hidden Inequities in a Universal Public Long-Term Care System 
18/02/2019 - Canada - Changes in employer-sponsored private health insurance among retirees in Ontario: a cross-sectional study 
18/02/2019 - Canada - Establishing a Crown Agency Amid Multiple Service Providers: Self-Directed Personal Support Services Ontario (SDPSSO) 
18/02/2019 - Canada - Towards a National Pharmacare Program: Considerations for Canadian Healthcare Organizations 
18/02/2019 - International - Here’s how to make 'value-based healthcare' a reality 
18/02/2019 - UK - Strengths-based social work: practice framework and handbook 
18/02/2019 - UK - A Critical Moment: NHS Staffing Trends, Retention and Attrition 
18/02/2019 - UK - Spending fairly, Spending well: time for a radical overhaul of value for money and public audit 
05/02/2019 - Europe - Report on the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region 
05/02/2019 - UK - A Quick Guide to Approaches to Improving Staff Engagement in the NHS 
05/02/2019 - International - What, why and how do health systems learn from one another? Insights from eight low- and middle-income country case studies 
05/02/2019 - International - Development and validation of interprofessional learning assessment tool for health professionals in continuing professional development (CPD) 
05/02/2019 - China - The impact of policy on the intangible service efficiency of the primary health care institution- based on China’s health care reform policy in 2009 
05/02/2019 - International - The Microbiome, Diet and Health: Toward a Science and Innovation Agenda 
05/02/2019 - UK - Analysis of the profile, characteristics, patient experience and community value of community hospitals: a multimethod study 
05/02/2019 - International - How is the discourse of performance-based financing shaped at the global level? A poststructural analysis 
05/02/2019 - International - Developing key performance indicators for prescription medication systems 
05/02/2019 - UK - Does hospital competition reduce rates of patient harm in the English NHS? 
05/02/2019 - Australia - Perceptions and experiences of emergency department staff during the implementation of the four-hour rule/national emergency access target policy in Australia: a qualitative social dynamic perspective 
05/02/2019 - Italy - A model based on intensity of medical care may improve outcomes for internal medicine patients in Italy 
05/02/2019 - Canada - Ontario adults reporting increases in mental health problems 
05/02/2019 - Canada - 5,000+ Paramedics in Six Provinces to Provide Palliative Care in the Home 
05/02/2019 - Australia - New report highlights higher rates of disease and death among Australia’s most disadvantaged 
05/02/2019 - Canada - New Brunswick: Electronic health record system to be implemented 
22/01/2019 - Europe - Review of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) in Europe 
22/01/2019 - Canada - Assessing the Options for Pharmacare Reform in Canada 
22/01/2019 - UK - Improving Staff Retention: Flexible Working 
22/01/2019 - UK - Improving Staff Retention: Key Conversations to Have With Your Staff 
22/01/2019 - UK - Modernising the Mental Health Act. Increasing choice, reducing compulsion 
22/01/2019 - UK - Advancing medical professionalism 
22/01/2019 - UK - Making NHS data work for everyone 
22/01/2019 - Korea - Developing key performance indicators for guaranteeing right to health and access to medical service for persons with disabilities in Korea: Using a modified Delphi 
22/01/2019 - International - Suitability of a Programme for Improving Interprofessional Primary Care Team Meetings 
22/01/2019 - UK - Developing the general practice nursing role in integrated community nursing teams 
22/01/2019 - USA - Implementing Quality Measures for Accountability in Community-Based Care for People with Serious Illness. Proceedings of a Workshop 
22/01/2019 - USA - Blueprint for Complex Care: A Strategic Plan for Advancing the Field 
22/01/2019 - USA - Integrating Health Care and Social Services for People with Serious Illness: Proceedings of a Workshop 
22/01/2019 - USA - Project ECHO: Policy Pathways for Sustainability 
22/01/2019 - New Zealand - Health system costs for individual and comorbid noncommunicable diseases: An analysis of publicly funded health events from New Zealand 
07/01/2019 - International - Policy use of well-being metrics: Describing countries' experiences 
07/01/2019 - UK - Patient experience of NHS health checks: a systematic review and qualitative synthesis 
07/01/2019 - Canada - A prescription for savings. Federal revenue options for pharmacare and their distributional impacts on households, businesses and governments