Santé et Services sociaux Québec.
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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

17/04/2019 - International - Reporting of Patient Experience Data on Health Systems’ Websites and Commercial Physician-Rating Websites: Mixed-Methods Analysis 
17/04/2019 - International - A one stop shop for cost-effectiveness evidence? Recommendations for improving Disease Control Priorities 
17/04/2019 - Australia - Measuring Outcomes in Community Mental Health. Opportunities, Challenges and Barriers - Where To From Here? 
17/04/2019 - International - Mapping Evidence From the Literature About the Experience of Internationally Educated Health Professionals to Canadian Professional Competency Profiles of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Physicians, and Pharmacists 
17/04/2019 - Canada - Advanced practice nursing 
17/04/2019 - UK - Implementation of the Family Nurse Partnership programme in England: experiences of key health professionals explored through trial parallel process evaluation 
17/04/2019 - China - Effect of inappropriate admissions on hospitalization performance in county hospitals: a cross-sectional study in rural China 
17/04/2019 - International - The impact of provider payment reforms and associated care delivery models on cost and quality in cancer care: A systematic literature review 
17/04/2019 - Belgium - Integrated Palliative Care for Nursing Home Residents: Exploring the Challenges in the Collaboration between Nursing Homes, Home Care and Hospitals 
17/04/2019 - Canada - Clinical predictors of protracted length of stay in Ontario Complex Continuing Care hospitals 
17/04/2019 - Canada - Shared decision-making experienced by Canadians facing health care decisions: a Web-based survey 
17/04/2019 - UK - Patient consultation rate and clinical and NHS outcomes: a cross-sectional analysis of English primary care data from 2.7 million patients in 238 practices 
17/04/2019 - New Zealand - A Realist Evaluation of Local Networks Designed to Achieve More Integrated Care 
17/04/2019 - USA - Alternative Staffing Models to Improve Care for Complex Patients in their Homes and Other Settings: Early Findings from the Transforming Complex Care Initiative 
17/04/2019 - Canada - Bringing Care Governance to Ontario's Retirement Homes Sector 
02/04/2019 - Europe - Averting the AMR crisis 
02/04/2019 - USA - What Words Convey: The Potential for Patient Narratives to Inform Quality Improvement 
02/04/2019 - International - Health outcomes related to the provision of free, tangible goods: A systematic review 
02/04/2019 - UK - Home to the Unknown: Getting Hospital Discharge Right 
02/04/2019 - Europe - Monitoring and restricting digital marketing of unhealthy products to children and adolescents 
02/04/2019 - Europe - Action plan to improve public health preparedness and response in the WHO European Region 2018–2023 
02/04/2019 - UK - NHS waiting times for elective and cancer treatment 
02/04/2019 - Australia - Harnessing the power of client experience. The collection and use of client feedback in the social sector 
02/04/2019 - UK - Prevention before cure: prioritising population health 
02/04/2019 - UK - The state of care in independent doctor and clinic services providing primary medical care 
02/04/2019 - UK - Outcomes for mental health services. What really matters? 
02/04/2019 - International - The spending power of sub-national decision makers across five policy sectors 
02/04/2019 - International - Measuring the efficiency of health systems in Asia: a data envelopment analysis 
02/04/2019 - International - How the study of networks informs knowledge translation and implementation: a scoping review 
02/04/2019 - Europe - Prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases in refugees and migrants 
02/04/2019 - Canada - The Private Cost of Public Queues for Medically Necessary Care, 2019 
02/04/2019 - Canada - Trends in Providing Out-of-Office, Urgent After-Hours, and On-Call Care in British Columbia 
18/03/2019 - International - Advancing towards contemporary practice: a systematic review of organisational performance measures for non-acute health charities 
18/03/2019 - USA - Better State Budget, Policy Decisions Can Improve Health 
18/03/2019 - USA - The challenge of cultural competence in the workplace: perspectives of healthcare providers 
18/03/2019 - China - The health service capacity of primary health care in West China: different perspectives of physicians and their patients 
18/03/2019 - International - How and when consumer choice drives efficient competition in publicly funded services 
18/03/2019 - UK - Improving patient safety through collaboration. A rapid review of the academic health science networks’ patient safety collaboratives 
18/03/2019 - International - Causal Modelling for Supporting Planning and Management of Mental Health Services and Systems: A Systematic Review 
18/03/2019 - International - Technological Ecosystems in Care and Assistance: A Systematic Literature Review 
18/03/2019 - Canada - Primary health care services for patients with chronic disease in Newfoundland and Labrador: a descriptive analysis 
18/03/2019 - USA - Building capacity for Public Health 3.0: introducing implementation science into an MPH curriculum 
18/03/2019 - International - How have researchers defined and used the concept of ‘continuity of care’ for chronic conditions in the context of resource-constrained settings? A scoping review of existing literature and a proposed conceptual framework 
18/03/2019 - USA - The Intergenerational Transmission of Health in the United States: A Latent Variables Analysis 
18/03/2019 - International - Using narratives to impact health policy-making: a systematic review 
18/03/2019 - Canada - Strategies for Developing a Personal Care Home Report Card in Manitoba 
18/03/2019 - UK - Making Outcome-Based Payment a Reality in the NHS 
18/03/2019 - China - Public hospital reforms in China: the perspective of hospital directors 
04/03/2019 - International - Exploring Health Tourism 
04/03/2019 - Norway - Spending the night? Provider incentives, capacity constraints and patient outcomes