Santé et Services sociaux Québec.
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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

13/06/2018 - UK - NHS operational productivity: unwarranted variations. Mental health services. Community health services 
13/06/2018 - International - Policy development and challenges of global mental health: a systematic review of published studies of national-level mental health policies 
13/06/2018 - International - Factors Determining the Success and Failure of eHealth Interventions: Systematic Review of the Literature 
13/06/2018 - UK - Transforming care: the challenges and solutions 
13/06/2018 - UK - Hypothecated funding for health and social care: how might it work? 
13/06/2018 - International - Barriers and Facilitators to Workforce Changes in Integrated Care 
13/06/2018 - UK - Population characteristics and geographic coverage of primary care facilities 
13/06/2018 - International - Impact of organizational climate on organizational commitment and perceived organizational performance: empirical evidence from public hospitals 
13/06/2018 - USA - Mental models of audit and feedback in primary care settings 
13/06/2018 - USA - Promoting Better Health Beyond Health Care. State-level multi-sector actions for addressing the social, economic, and environmental factors that impact health 
13/06/2018 - Canada - Measuring Physicians’ Response to Incentives: Evidence on Hours Worked and Multitasking 
13/06/2018 - Lithuania - OECD Reviews of Health Systems - Lithuania 2018 
13/06/2018 - International - The GRADE Evidence to Decision (EtD) framework for health system and public health decisions 
13/06/2018 - Sweden - Collaborative and partnership research for improvement of health and social services: researcher’s experiences from 20 projects 
13/06/2018 - International - Development of measurable indicators to enhance public health evidence-informed policy-making 
13/06/2018 - Canada - First Patient Surveyor Adds Unique Insight and Value to the Accreditation Process: CIUSSS de la Mauricie-et-du-Centre-du-Québec 
13/06/2018 - Canada - Telehomecare: Receiving High Marks from Patients while Providing Significant Value for the Health Care System 
01/06/2018 - Europe - Are low and high utilization related to the way GPs manage their practices? An observational study 
01/06/2018 - UK - Staffing for Safe and Effective Care 
01/06/2018 - UK - Every Nurse an E-nurse: Insights from a consultation on the digital future of nursing 
01/06/2018 - UK - Investing in a Safe and Effective Workforce: Continuing professional development for nurses in the UK 
01/06/2018 - UK - Primary care home: community pharmacy integration and innovation 
01/06/2018 - UK - Measuring wellbeing inequality: what are appropriate indicators of wellbeing inequality? 
01/06/2018 - UK - Emergency hospital admissions in England: which may be avoidable and how? 
01/06/2018 - Canada - Association of the Social Determinants of Health With Quality of Primary Care 
01/06/2018 - UK - Estimation of costs to the NHS and social care due to the health impacts of air pollution 
01/06/2018 - UK - Under pressure. Safely managing increased demand in emergency departments 
01/06/2018 - International - Key features of palliative care service delivery to Indigenous peoples in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States: a comprehensive review 
01/06/2018 - Japan - What can England learn from the long-term care system in Japan? 
01/06/2018 - USA - Distributional Effects of Alternative Strategies for Financing Long-Term Services and Supports and Assisting Family Caregivers 
01/06/2018 - Canada - Taxation of employer-provided health-benefits 
01/06/2018 - Canada - The Private Cost of Public Queues for Medically Necessary Care, 2018 
01/06/2018 - International - World Health Assembly delegates agree new five-year strategic plan 
16/05/2018 - USA - Views from the Heartland: Prospects for Bipartisanship in Health Reform 
16/05/2018 - UK - Powerful patients, paperless systems: how new technology can renew the NHS 
16/05/2018 - UK - National trends in emergency readmission rates: a longitudinal analysis of administrative data for England between 2006 and 2016 
16/05/2018 - Canada - Theoretical models of the cost-effectiveness threshold, value assessment, and health care system sustainability 
16/05/2018 - Finland - Future of Finance in Healthcare: Finance disrupted 
16/05/2018 - UK - Tackling workforce supply challenges through local collaboration 
16/05/2018 - Canada - Nursing role in well-child care. Systematic review of the literature 
16/05/2018 - The Netherlands - Does Price Competition Damage Healthcare Quality? 
16/05/2018 - UK - Spending on and availability of health care resources: how does the UK compare to other countries? 
16/05/2018 - The Netherlands - Unraveling the drivers of regional variation in healthcare spending by analyzing prevalent chronic diseases 
16/05/2018 - UK - The Government’s Green Paper on mental health: failing a generation 
16/05/2018 - UK - Integrated Commissioning for Better Outcomes: a commissioning framework 2018 
16/05/2018 - USA - Vermont’s Bold Experiment in Community-Driven Health Care Reform 
16/05/2018 - USA - Return on investment (ROI) from integrating social services with medical care 
16/05/2018 - Canada - Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Sets Out Bold Plan to Address Long-Standing Service Gaps in Manitoba 
16/05/2018 - Australia - Government Budget initiative to train and retain country doctors 
02/05/2018 - UK - Independent Review of the Mental Health Act: interim report