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Latest Updates

This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

18/09/2018 - Canada - Public Drug Plan Expenditures Continue to Rise in 2016-17 
18/09/2018 - Australia - $106 million to support better facilities, better care and better standards in aged care 
18/09/2018 - UK - Carers action plan 2018 to 2020: supporting carers today 
18/09/2018 - UK - National conversation with health and care staff begins 
18/09/2018 - UK - Health profile for England: 2018 
18/09/2018 - International - Improvement of the quality payment program by improving data reporting process: an action research 
18/09/2018 - UK - Care coordination as imagined, care coordination as done: findings from a cross-national mental health systems study 
18/09/2018 - Canada - Building a culture of equity in Canadian public health: An environmental scan 
18/09/2018 - International - Application of discrete event simulation in health care: a systematic review 
18/09/2018 - UK - Rethinking outpatient services: learning from an interactive workshop 
18/09/2018 - International - A reporting framework for describing and a typology for categorizing and analyzing the designs of health care pay for performance schemes 
18/09/2018 - USA - “Dealing with the Hospital has become too Difficult for Us to Do Alone” – Developing an Integrated Care Program for Children with Medical Complexity (CMC) 
18/09/2018 - International - Sentinels of inequity: examining policy requirements for equity-oriented primary healthcare 
18/09/2018 - International - Systems Thinking as a Framework for Analyzing Commercial Determinants of Health 
18/09/2018 - International - The Impact of Parental and Medical Leave Policies on Socioeconomic and Health Outcomes in OECD Countries: A Systematic Review of the Empirical Literature 
05/09/2018 - UK - Joined-up listening: integrated care and patient insight 
05/09/2018 - UK - Financial incentives and physician prescription behavior. Evidence from dispensing regulations 
05/09/2018 - UK - Evidence-based interventions: consultation document 
05/09/2018 - Australia - Australia's hospitals at a glance 2016–17 
05/09/2018 - UK - Digital change in health and social care 
05/09/2018 - UK - How to fix the funding of health and social care 
05/09/2018 - UK - Guidance on co-locating mental health therapists in primary care 
05/09/2018 - Iran - The long way ahead to achieve an effective patient safety culture: challenges perceived by nurses 
05/09/2018 - International - Recent trends in life expectancy across high income countries: retrospective observational study 
05/09/2018 - USA - The discordance between evidence and health policy in the United States: the science of translational research and the critical role of diverse stakeholders 
05/09/2018 - International - A systematic review of frameworks for the interrelationships of mental health evidence and policy in low- and middle-income countries 
05/09/2018 - UK - Learning from the emergence of NIHR Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs): a systematic review of evaluations 
05/09/2018 - International - A systematic review of trials evaluating success factors of interventions with computerised clinical decision support 
05/09/2018 - International - Impact of the communication and patient hand-off tool SBAR on patient safety: a systematic review 
05/09/2018 - Canada - Geographic Variation in Primary Care Need, Service Use and Providers in Ontario, 2015/16 
05/09/2018 - Canada - Canadian Medical Protective Association calls for system-wide change to improve physician wellness 
21/08/2018 - China - What is behind high turnover: a questionnaire survey of hospital nursing care workers in Shanghai, China 
21/08/2018 - UK - The state of care in urgent primary care services 
21/08/2018 - UK - The NHS at 70: are we expecting too much from the NHS? 
21/08/2018 - Greece - Greece HiT (2017) 
21/08/2018 - UK - Developing new care models through NHS vanguards 
21/08/2018 - Australia - Implementation of continuous quality improvement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care in Australia: a scoping systematic review 
21/08/2018 - USA - The Return on Investment of Public Health System Spending 
21/08/2018 - International - Enhancing the uptake of systematic reviews of effects: what is the best format for health care managers and policy-makers? A mixed-methods study 
21/08/2018 - USA - Pay-for-performance as a cost-effective implementation strategy: results from a cluster randomized trial 
21/08/2018 - Canada - Measuring Progress: Resources for Developing a Mental Health and Addiction Performance Measurement Framework for Canada 
21/08/2018 - Europe - Health 2020 priority area four: creating supportive environments and resilient communities. A compendium of inspirational examples 
21/08/2018 - USA - Bundling, Benchmarking, and Beyond: Paying for Value in Home- and Community-based Services 
21/08/2018 - International - Catastrophic health spending in Europe: equity and policy implications of different calculation methods 
21/08/2018 - UK - Guidance for the development, production and review of information to support UK population screening programmes 
21/08/2018 - Canada - Connecting Patients for Better Health 2018 
21/08/2018 - Canada - Evidence grading systems used in health technology assessment practice 
09/08/2018 - International - Organizing Health Care Networks: Balancing Markets, Government and Civil Society 
09/08/2018 - Estonia - Estonian health system review shows great progress and opportunities for improvement 
09/08/2018 - USA - Strategies for Improving the Affordability of High-Quality Health Care and Coverage