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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

09/05/2017 - UK - UK health spending 
09/05/2017 - New Zealand - Increasing patient engagement in healthcare service design: a qualitative evaluation of a co-design programme in New Zealand 
09/05/2017 - Canada - In Need of a Booster: How to Improve Childhood Vaccination Coverage in Canada 
09/05/2017 - Europe - Exploring triple-win solutions for living, moving and consuming that encourage behavioural change, protect the environment, promote health and health equity 
09/05/2017 - UK - Organising care at the NHS front line. Who is responsible? 
09/05/2017 - Canada - Ontario Boosting Respite Support and Training for Family Caregivers 
09/05/2017 - UK - Positive and innovative practice in mental health 
26/04/2017 - USA - Toward Greater Health Information Interoperability in the United States Health System 
26/04/2017 - Canada - Family physician access to and wait times for cancer diagnostic investigations. Regional differences among 3 provinces 
26/04/2017 - International – Projections of health expenditures in OECD countries. Bibliography 
26/04/2017 - UK - Shaping healthy cities and economies: the role of clinical commissioning 
26/04/2017 - Switzerland - The Federal Council takes measures to combat the shortage of qualified personnel 
26/04/2017 - USA - Strengthening National Data to Better Measure What We Are Buying In Health Care: Reconciling National Health Expenditures with Detailed Survey Data 
26/04/2017 - Europe - Approaches to the regulation and financing of home care services in four European countries. An evidence review 
26/04/2017 - USA - Does a quality improvement campaign accelerate take-up of new evidence? A ten-state cluster-randomized controlled trial of the Institute for Health Improvement’s Project JOINTS 
26/04/2017 - UK - Investments in cancer research awarded to UK institutions and the global burden of cancer 2000–2013: a systematic analysis 
26/04/2017 - UK - How hospitals can collaborate with social care 
26/04/2017 - Europe - Are national policies on global health in fact national policies on global health governance? A comparison of policy designs from Norway and Switzerland 
26/04/2017 - International - Ten years in public health 2007-2017 
26/04/2017 - USA - Bridging the Divide: Supplementing Payment Reform to Promote Needed Investments in Population Health 
26/04/2017 - UK - Health Care Costs in the English NHS: Reference Tables for Average Annual NHS Spend by Age, Sex and Deprivation Group 
26/04/2017 - UK - General Practice Forward View – one year on 
12/04/2017 - UK - Integration and the development of the workforce 
12/04/2017 - Canada - Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies: Canada 
12/04/2017 - Vietnam - Does the More Educated Utilize More Health Care Services? Evidence from Vietnam Using a Regression Discontinuity Design 
12/04/2017 - Vietnam - Does the More Educated Utilize More Health Care Services? Evidence from Vietnam Using a Regression Discontinuity Design 
12/04/2017 - Canada - A theoretical analysis of the barriers and facilitators to the implementation of school-based physical activity policies in Canada: a mixed methods scoping review 
12/04/2017 - USA - Using a Cost and Utilization Lens to Evaluate Programs Serving Complex Populations: Benefits and Limitations 
12/04/2017 - USA - Complex Care Program Development: A New Framework for Design and Evaluation 
12/04/2017 - Europe - Harnessing Big Data for Health 
12/04/2017 - UK - The long-term sustainability of the NHS and adult social care 
12/04/2017 - UK - National standards, local risks: the geography of local authority funded social care 
12/04/2017 - USA - The Evolving U.S. Health Workforce 
12/04/2017 - UK - Adapting for the future: a plan for improving the flexibility of UK postgraduate medical training 
12/04/2017 - UK - Integration and Better Care Fund policy framework 2017 to 2019 
12/04/2017 - USA - Exploring the Role of Accreditation in Enhancing Quality and Innovation in Health Professions Education: Proceedings of a Workshop 
12/04/2017 - Canada - Minister Philpott highlights significant investments for better access to mental health services 
12/04/2017 - International - Two Models of Primary Health Care Development: Russia vs. Central and Eastern European Countries 
30/03/2017 - UK - Health and wellbeing in rural areas 
30/03/2017 - UK - Gene Therapy: Understanding the Science, Assessing the Evidence, and Paying for Value 
30/03/2017 - UK - Self-care: everybody's talking about it 
30/03/2017 - International - Effects of health insurance on labour supply: A systematic review 
30/03/2017 - USA - The Impact of Establishing a Full Scope of Practice for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in the State of Indiana 
30/03/2017 - International - Strategic Practices for Hiring, Integrating and Retaining Internationally Educated Nurses 
30/03/2017 - USA - The Challenges of Measuring, Improving, and Reporting Quality in Primary Care 
30/03/2017 - International - Minding the Gap: Factors Associated With Primary Care Coordination of Adults in 11 Countries 
30/03/2017 - UK - Paying for it: the human cost of cut-price care 
30/03/2017 - USA - Essentials of Health Policy: Sourcebook for Journalists and Policymakers 
30/03/2017 - USA - Incentives, Peer Pressure, and Behavior Persistence 
30/03/2017 - UK - How should the NHS be funded?