Santé et Services sociaux Québec.
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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

04/01/2017 - International - Paying for performance for health care in low- and middle-income countries: an economic perspective 
04/01/2017 - Brazil - Brazil's Family Health Strategy: Using Community Health Care Workers to Provide Primary Care 
04/01/2017 - Canada - Patient Engagement – Catalyzing Improvement and Innovation in Healthcare 
04/01/2017 - Canada - Does The Children’s Fitness Tax Credit Make Children More Fit? A Quasi-Experimental Study 
04/01/2017 - Norway - The Norwegian policy to reduce health inequalities: key challenges 
04/01/2017 - Europe - Euro heart index 2016 
04/01/2017 - Canada - New report denounces $62 billion wasted without pharmacare 
04/01/2017 - Australia - New Funding Arrangements for Residential Aged Care 
04/01/2017 - Canada - Canadian Attitudes toward Health Issues 
04/01/2017 - Canada - New report shows many Ontarians aren't getting screened for cancer 
04/01/2017 - Canada - Ontario Passes Legislation that Delivers Better Health Care for Families 
08/12/2016 - International - Performing Economic Evaluation of Integrated Care: Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven? 
08/12/2016 - UK - Local wellbeing, local growth. Implementing Health in All Policies at a local level: practical examples 
08/12/2016 - UK - Supporting medical students towards careers in general practice 
08/12/2016 - Europe - Financing elderly care in Italy and Europe. Is there a common vision? 
08/12/2016 - Canada - Public Health: A Conceptual Framework. First Edition 
08/12/2016 - International - Are multidisciplinary teams in secondary care cost-effective? A systematic review of the literature 
08/12/2016 - International - Relationship between hospital ward design and healthcare-associated infection rates: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
08/12/2016 - UK - Self Care Nation: Self Care Attitudes and Behaviours in The UK 
08/12/2016 - UK - Financial sustainability of the NHS 
08/12/2016 - UK - Public Hospital Spending in England: Evidence from National Health Service Administrative Records 
08/12/2016 - UK - NHS efficiency map 
08/12/2016 - UK - The state of social care in Great Britain in 2016 
08/12/2016 - Denmark - Does Telecare Improve Interorganisational Collaboration? 
08/12/2016 - Canada - Implementation of the BETTER 2 program: a qualitative study exploring barriers and facilitators of a novel way to improve chronic disease prevention and screening in primary care 
08/12/2016 - Canada - Leading from the Boardroom. Bringing “LEADS in a Caring Environment” to Canadian Healthcare Boards 
24/11/2016 - UK - Improving staff engagement through the workforce development strategy 
24/11/2016 - International - Beyond open data: realising the health benefits of sharing data 
24/11/2016 - International - Using Knowledge Translation to Craft “Sticky” Social Media Health Messages That Provoke Interest, Raise Awareness, Impart Knowledge, and Inspire Change 
24/11/2016 - UK - Public health skills and knowledge framework (PHSKF): presenting a revised framework and exploring the development of a digital platform 
24/11/2016 - UK - Local health and care planning: menu of preventative interventions 
24/11/2016 - Northern Ireland - Systems, not Structures: Changing Health & Social Care 
24/11/2016 - UK - Patient-level information and costing systems (PLICSs): a mixed-methods study of current practice and future potential for the NHS health economy 
24/11/2016 - International - What guidance is available for researchers conducting overviews of reviews of healthcare interventions? A scoping review and qualitative metasummary 
24/11/2016 - UK - Choice in the presence of experts: the role of general practitioners in patients' hospital choice 
24/11/2016 - USA - The Evolving Role of Retail Clinics 
24/11/2016 - UK - Investing in social care 
24/11/2016 - USA - America’s Hospitals: Improving Quality and Safety 
24/11/2016 - UK - The digital patient: transforming primary care? 
24/11/2016 - Europe - Pharmaceutical regulation in 15 European countries 
24/11/2016 - UK - Evaluation of The Coventry GP Alliance. Best Care, Anywhere: Integrating Primary Care in Coventry Programme 
24/11/2016 - Europe - A sales tax is better at promoting healthy diets than the fat tax and the thin subsidy 
24/11/2016 - Canada - Waiting Your Turn: Wait Times for Health Care in Canada, 2016 
10/11/2016 - Canada - Lessons Learnt From Implementing an Organizational Strategy for Evidence-Informed Decision-MakIng 
10/11/2016 - UK - Redrawing the health and social care architecture. Exploring the role of national bodies in enabling and supporting the delivery of local health and care services 
10/11/2016 - UK - What if NHS leaders were more representative of their patients? 
10/11/2016 - Germany - Hospital Policy and Productivity: Evidence from German States 
10/11/2016 - UK - Freeing up health analysis: using government data to improve health services 
10/11/2016 - International - Designing a rapid response program to support evidence-informed decision-making in the Americas region: using the best available evidence and case studies 
10/11/2016 - International - Special Collection. The Building Blocks of Integrated Care