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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

24/01/2018 - Brazil - More Doctors, Better Health? Evidence from a Physician Distribution Policy 
24/01/2018 - UK - Funding and staffing of NHS mental health providers 
24/01/2018 - Canada - Whither Canadian Hospitals: Aligning Authorities and Accountabilities 
24/01/2018 - Canada - Understanding the Gap: A Pan-Canadian Analysis of Prescription Drug Insurance Coverage 
24/01/2018 - Sweden - Towards evidence-based palliative care in nursing homes in Sweden: a qualitative study informed by the organizational readiness to change theory 
11/01/2018 - International - Diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviours. Analysis of trends, inequalities and clustering in selected OECD countries 
11/01/2018 - Canada - The Right to Die: Legalizing Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada 
11/01/2018 - International - What opportunities exist to improve consumer engagement in health care? 
11/01/2018 - New Zealand - Performance Improvement Framework. Review for Manatū Hauora, the Ministry of Health 
11/01/2018 - International - Association between infrastructure and observed quality of care in 4 healthcare services: A cross-sectional study of 4,300 facilities in 8 countries 
11/01/2018 - USA - Population Segmentation and Targeting of Health Care Resources: Findings from a Literature Review 
11/01/2018 - UK - Horizon scanning future health and care demand for workforce skills in England, United Kingdom 
11/01/2018 - Europe - Financial hardship linked to inadequate health coverage policies 
11/01/2018 - International - Progress on impoverishing health spending in 122 countries: a retrospective observational study 
11/01/2018 - UK - Reward to support staff retention 
11/01/2018 - Canada - Unmet Health Care and Health Care Utilization 
11/01/2018 - USA - Can Community Development Improve Health? Emerging Opportunities for Collaboration between the Health and Community Development Sectors 
11/01/2018 - UK - The impact of redesigning urgent and emergency care in Northumberland 
11/01/2018 - UK - The challenges of training, support and assessment of healthcare support workers: A qualitative study of experiences in three English acute hospitals 
11/01/2018 - Canada - Waiting Your Turn: Wait Times for Health Care in Canada, 2017 
11/01/2018 - Canada – Manitoba: Wait Times Reduction Task Force Final Report 
05/12/2017 - International - Neurotechnology and society. Strengthening responsible innovation in brain science 
05/12/2017 - International - Remote care delivery: Transforming Healthcare and Long-Term Care to Meet 21st Century Aging Realities 
05/12/2017 - Canada - Describing Patient Populations for the My Health Team Initiative 
05/12/2017 - Taiwan - Identifying competitive strategies to improve the performance of hospitals in a competitive environment 
05/12/2017 - Canada - Clinical factors contributing to high cost hospitalizations in a Canadian tertiary care centre 
05/12/2017 - USA - Using Technology to Advance Global Health: Proceedings of a Workshop 
05/12/2017 - International - Effective strategies for scaling up evidence-based practices in primary care: a systematic review 
05/12/2017 - International - The effects of care bundles on patient outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
05/12/2017 - Europe - Key policies for addressing the social determinants of health and health inequities 
05/12/2017 - USA - People Value Different Aspects of Quality Care Depending on Their Health Needs 
05/12/2017 - UK - Developing an integration scorecard 
05/12/2017 - UK - Community services. What do we know about quality? 
05/12/2017 - UK - Supporting change in your NHS: the non-executive community in transformational change 
05/12/2017 - UK - Scoping review on social care economic evaluation methods 
05/12/2017 - UK - Meeting the quality challenge: sharing examples of best practice from clinical leaders in emergency departments 
05/12/2017 - Australia - $53 million to find better mental health treatments and care 
05/12/2017 - Canada - Provincial-Territorial Health Care Cost Drivers 
22/11/2017 - USA - A Roadmap to Behavioral Health. A Guide to Using Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services 
22/11/2017 - Opioid prescriptions rising in Canada, but quantity prescribed declining 
22/11/2017 - Europe - Towards more physical activity: Transforming public spaces to promote physical activity — a key contributor to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Europe 
22/11/2017 - International - “Keeping on track” - Hospital nurses’ struggles with maintaining workflow while seeking to integrate evidence-based practice into their daily work: A grounded theory study 
22/11/2017 - USA - How Health Systems Can Promote Healthier Eating 
22/11/2017 - International - The Foundations Framework for Developing and Reporting New Models of Care for Multimorbidity 
22/11/2017 - USA - Trends in Patient-Perceived Shared Decision Making Among Adults in the United States, 2002–2014 
22/11/2017 - Canada - Policy Makers' Advisors, Scientific Knowledge and Knowledge Sharing: Highlights of a Literature Review and Key Lessons 
22/11/2017 - UK - The efficacy of public health spending 
22/11/2017 - UK - Saving social care: a fair funding settlement for the future 
22/11/2017 - UK - There for us: a better future for the NHS workforce 
22/11/2017 - UK - Health and social care spending cuts linked to 120,000 excess deaths in England