Santé et Services sociaux Québec.
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Latest Updates

This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

01/04/2010 - UK - UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity improving the method used to calculate the volume of healthcare inputs 
01/04/2010 - UK - Revision of professional roles and quality improvement. A review of the evidence 
01/04/2010 - UK - Productive Ward Evaluation 
01/04/2010 - UK - Front line care: report by the Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery in England 
01/04/2010 - UK - Assuring the Quality of Senior NHS Managers 
01/04/2010 - Germany - The Potential of ICT in Supporting Domiciliary Care in Germany 
01/04/2010 - France – Reform of Medicare in France – An update 
01/04/2010 - Canada - CSSS Territories: A Framework for Actions to Improve Population Health 
01/04/2010 - Canada - McGuinty Government Redeveloping More Than 4,100 Long-Term Care Home Beds 
01/04/2010 - Canada - Position Statement – The Nurse Practitioner 
01/04/2010 - Canada - Understanding the Political Economy of the Evolution and Future of Single-Payer Public Health Insurance in Canada 
01/04/2010 - Canada - Support from family, friends after first hospitalization for depression reduces likelihood of readmission 
01/04/2010 - Canada - Private in healthcare: videos and presentations available online 
01/04/2010 - Australia - Why we need an Australian Health and Equity Commission 
01/04/2010 - Australia - 150 million to boost health and medical research 
01/04/2010 - Australia - An initiative to boost clinician involvement in local hospitals and local health services in New South Wales 
01/04/2010 - UK - Informing, engaging and consulting people in developing health and community care services in Scotland 
01/04/2010 - UK - CareQuality Commission publishes the state of health care and adult social care in England 
01/04/2010 - UK - Giving children a healthy start 
01/04/2010 - UK - The Productive Ward: releasing time to care - learning and impact review, final report 
01/04/2010 - Australia - The Impact of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Reform - Report to the Parliament 
01/04/2010 - France - Allocation to accompany a person dying 
01/04/2010 - Belgium - Mental health care reforms: evaluation research of ‘therapeutic projects’ - second intermediate report 
01/04/2010 - Belgium - Organization and financing of chronic dialysis in Belgium 
01/04/2010 - International - Progress towards the achievement of MDG4 in the Commonwealth of Independent States: uncertain data, clear priorities 
01/04/2010 - USA - American health care reformers in search of a second wind 
01/04/2010 - Canada - Knowledge and Education at Entry to Nursing Practice in Alberta 
01/04/2010 - UK - National Quality Board annual report 
01/04/2010 - USA - Coverage, Spending, and Consumer Financial Risk: How Do the Recent House and Senate Health Care Bills Compare? 
01/04/2010 - International - International health policy survey in 11 countries: assessment of non-response bias in the Norwegian sample 
01/04/2010 - OECD - Valuing lives saved from environmental, transport and health policies: a meta-analysis of stated preference studies 
01/04/2010 - UK - Self care reduces costs and improves health - the evidence 
01/04/2010 - UK: The case for social care reform – the wider economic and social benefits 
01/04/2010 - USA - USA Health Reform Essential for Reducing Deficit and Slowing Health Care Costs 
01/04/2010 - UK - Commissioning health: a comparison of English primary care trusts - preliminary statistical analysis 
01/04/2010 - Europe - Spatial Competition between Health Care Providers: Effects of Standardization 
01/04/2010 - International - Improving benchmarking by using an explicit framework for the development of composite indicators: an example using pediatric quality of care 
01/04/2010 - Canada - Providing Pharmacare for an Ageing Population: Is Prefunding the Solution? 
01/04/2010 - France - Effect of a French Experiment of Team Work between General Practitioners and Nurses on Efficacy and Cost of Type 2 Diabetes Patients Care 
01/04/2010 - UK - Consultation on assessments of quality 2010/11 
01/04/2010 - USA - Prices Don’t Drive Regional Medicare Spending Variations 
01/04/2010 - UK - Delivering better care at end of life: The next steps 
01/04/2010 - Canada - User participation in CSSS quality management 
01/04/2010 - International - Paradoxes in approaches to quality in public hospitals: modeling competing types of anchoring 
01/04/2010 - USA - Booting Up Mobile Health: From Medical Mainframe to Distributed Intelligence 
01/04/2010 - USA - Feasibility and Design Options for a Potential Entity to Research the Comparative Effectiveness of Medical Treatments 
01/04/2010 - International - Report of the World Health Organization Expert Working Group on Research and Development Financing 
01/04/2010 - Canada - The Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC): A Collective Vision for MD Education 
01/04/2010 - Canada - Health Human Resource Series Number 17. Phase 2 Strengthening the Quality Of Community Health Nursing Practice. A Pan Canadian Survey of Community Health Nurses’ Continuing Education Needs 
01/04/2010 - USA - An Inconvenient Truth: The Health Care Cost Curve Is Already Bent