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Latest Updates

This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

14/01/2011 - UK - More for less 2009/10. Are efficiency and productivity improving in the NHS 
14/01/2011 - UK - Guidance on safe nurse staffing levels in the UK 
14/01/2011 - UK - Transparency in outcomes - a framework for the NHS: Government response to the consultation 
14/01/2011 - UK - Demand for hospital care and private health insurance in a mixed public-private system 
14/01/2011 - France - Subscribing to Supplemental Health Insurance in France: A Dynamic Analysis of Adverse Selection 
14/01/2011 - France – Economic evaluation at Haute Autorité de Santé. Principles and Methods 
14/01/2011 - Canada - ehealth Saskatchewan advances one patient: one record health care system 
14/01/2011 - Australia - Equity of access in the spatial distribution of GPs within an Australian metropolitan city 
13/12/2010 - International - The Imperfect World of Global Health Estimates 
13/12/2010 - Japan - Truth or fallacy? Three hour wait for three minutes with the doctor: Findings from a private clinic in rural Japan 
13/12/2010 - Europe - Measurement and Explanation of Inequality in Health and Health Care in Low-Income Settings 
13/12/2010 - USA - Wide Variation in Hospital and Physician Payment Rates Evidence of Provider Market Power 
13/12/2010 - USA - Seattle Hospital Competition Heats Up, Raising Cost Concerns 
13/12/2010 - USA - Changes in Emergency Department Access between 2001 and 2005 among General and Vulnerable Populations 
13/12/2010 - USA - Study Examines How States Review Proposed Health Insurance Rates 
13/12/2010 - USA - Health Care Models: Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes 
13/12/2010 - UK - Mental Health and the Productivity Challenge. Improving Quality and Value for Money 
13/12/2010 - UK - Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2010 
13/12/2010 - UK - Evaluation of the scale, causes and costs of waste medicines 
13/12/2010 - UK - Launch of the NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare 
13/12/2010 - New Zealand - $15 million investment in national health IT systems 
13/12/2010 - India - Achieving equity in health through community based health insurance: India's experience with a large CBHI programme 
13/12/2010 - Australia - General practice activity in Australia 2000-01 to 2009-10 
13/12/2010 - Australia - New report provides timely information on emergency department care and elective surgery waiting times 
29/11/2010 - International - Which Path to Universal Health Coverage? Perspectives on the World Health Report 2010 
29/11/2010 - International - Progress in Health around the World 
29/11/2010 - UK - Flexible workforce: strategic planning to reduce costs and improve quality 
29/11/2010 - UK - United Kingdom Health Statistics 2010 
29/11/2010 - UK - Does Hospital Competition Save Lives? Evidence from the English NHS Patient Choice Reforms 
29/11/2010 - UK - The GP Practice Index. Variation in non-elective admissions for conditions treatable in the community 
29/11/2010 - UK - Sustaining the long view: the UK nursing labour market review 2010 
29/11/2010 - Switzerland - Migration of health personnel to Switzerland 
29/11/2010 - Europe - Investing in Europe’s health workforce of tomorrow: Scope for innovation and collaboration. Summary report of the three Policy Dialogues 
29/11/2010 - China - Developing a Performance Measurement Framework and Indicators for Community Health Service Facilities in Urban China 
29/11/2010 - Canada - B.C. a leader in primary health care, report shows 
29/11/2010 - Canada – Ontario: First Physician Assistants Graduate 
29/11/2010 - Canada - Tools for Change: Funding Incentives and Levers for Integrating Patient Care in Ontario 
15/11/2010 - USA - HHS announces the availability of up to $335 million to boost access to primary health care 
15/11/2010 - USA - Investing in Health IT: What the U.S. and Other Countries Are Learning 
15/11/2010 - USA - Achieving Strong Teamwork Practices in Hospital Labor and Delivery Units 
15/11/2010 - UK - The quality of care in general practice: capturing opinions from the front line 
15/11/2010 - UK - NHS Choices Primary Care Consultation. Final Report 
15/11/2010 - UK - NHS resources and reform: response to the White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS, and the 2010 Spending Review 
15/11/2010 - Turkey - The change in capacity and service delivery at public and private hospitals in Turkey: A closer look at regional differences 
15/11/2010 - Europe - The European Primary Care Monitor: structure, process and outcome indicators 
15/11/2010 - Europe - Evaluation of public health services in south-eastern Europe 
15/11/2010 - UK - Toolkit to support the development of Primary Care Federations 
15/11/2010 - Colombia - Barriers of access to care in a managed competition model: lessons from Colombia 
15/11/2010 - China - Utilisation, contents and costs of prenatal care under a rural health insurance (New Co-operative Medical System) in rural China: lessons from implementation 
15/11/2010 - Canada – Manitoba launches new patient-safety initiatives