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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

20/08/2010 - International - Innovative health service delivery models in low and middle income countries - what can we learn from the private sector? 
20/08/2010 - UK - The Coalition Government’s NHS reforms: an assessment of the White Paper 
20/08/2010 - UK - Does improving quality save money? A review of evidence of which improvements to quality reduce costs to health service providers 
20/08/2010 - USA - What Is the Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) on the States? 
20/08/2010 - USA - What Is the Evidence on Health Reform in Massachusetts and How Might the Lessons from Massachusetts Apply to National Health Reform? 
20/08/2010 - USA - 50 Ways to Implement Health Reform: State Challenges and Federal Assistance 
20/08/2010 - USA - Assessing Health Reform’s Impact on four key groups of Americans 
20/08/2010 - The Netherlands - Economic evaluation and the postponement of health care costs 
20/08/2010 - Ireland – The Health Insurance Authority publishes consultation paper on risk equalisation in the Irish private health insurance market 
20/08/2010 - Europe - Specialist human resources for health in Europe: are we ready? 
20/08/2010 - Canada - Local health and social services networks in the province of Quebec: evaluation of the implementation 
20/08/2010 - Canada - What Do We Know About Family Physicians Who Accept New Patients? 
20/08/2010 - Brazil - Socioeconomic inequalities in the use of outpatient services in Brazil according to health care need: evidence from the World Health Survey 
20/08/2010 - Australia - Moving Australia’s health-care system into the 21st century 
20/08/2010 - Australia - The need for a new framework for the economic evaluation of health services in a national health scheme 
20/08/2010 - Australia - What Factors Influence the Earnings of GPs and Medical Specialists in Australia? Evidence from the MABEL Survey 
20/08/2010 - Australia - Analysis of the 2010-11 Health and Ageing Budget 
25/06/2010 - International - Limitations on universality: the "right to health" and the necessity of legal nationality 
25/06/2010 - International - Value of integrated care: revival of the monetary valuation 
25/06/2010 - International - Guidelines for improving the comparability and availability of private health expenditures under the system of health accounts framework 
25/06/2010 - USA - Few Health Reform Options Would Have Covered More People at Lower Cost than New Law 
25/06/2010 - USA - $10 Million in Savings: Reducing Hospital Operating Expenses While Improving Quality 
25/06/2010 - USA - New Administrative Office Key to Successful Health Reform Implementation 
25/06/2010 - USA - Growing Phenomenon of Retail Clinics 
25/06/2010 - USA - Healthcare Reform: The Good, the Bad, and the Transformational 
25/06/2010 - USA - Innovation in Medicare and Medicaid Will Be Central to Health Reform's Success 
25/06/2010 - USA - US public opinion regarding proposed limits on resident physician work hours 
25/06/2010 - UK - Strategic options framework for emergency and urgent response in remote and rural communities 
25/06/2010 - Italy - Determinants of health disparities between Italian regions 
25/06/2010 - Italy - Who is responsible for your health: You, your doctor or new technologies? 
25/06/2010 - Ireland - Green light for health reform talks 
25/06/2010 - Hong Kong - A qualitative study of the views of patients with long-term conditions on family doctors in Hong Kong 
25/06/2010 - France - OOP Safety Net Threshold: A Choice between Equality and Equity. An analysis using the ARAMMIS model 
25/06/2010 - France - What optimal subsidy for the purchase of supplementary health? 
25/06/2010 - Europe - Even in tough times: investing in hospitals of the future 
25/06/2010 - Canada - Fraser Forum - June 2010: Health Care Reform in Canada 
25/06/2010 - Canada – The territorial approach to improving population health: what is the role of the CSSS? 
25/06/2010 - Canada - At the Tipping Point: Health leaders share ideas to speed primary health care reform 
25/06/2010 - Belgium - Equivalent income and the economic evaluation of health care 
14/06/2010 - International - Evaluating priority setting success in healthcare: a pilot study 
14/06/2010 - USA - Medicaid-Funded Long-Term Care: Toward More Home- and Community-Based Options 
14/06/2010 - USA - Clarifying Sources of Geographic Differences in Medicare Spending 
14/06/2010 - USA - What Will Happen Under Health Reform— and What’s Next? 
14/06/2010 - USA - How Health Plans Can Accelerate Innovation 
14/06/2010 - USA - Payment Reform: Creating a Sustainable Future for Medicaid 
14/06/2010 - USA - A Tale of Two Systems: A look at State Efforts to Integrate Primary Care and Behavioral Health in Safety Net Settings 
14/06/2010 - USA - Improving the Quality and Cost of Healthcare Delivery: The Potential of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology 
14/06/2010 - USA - Enhancing the Capacity of Community Health Centers to Achieve High Performance 
14/06/2010 - UK - How safe are clinical systems? 
14/06/2010 - UK - Future physician: changing doctors in changing times