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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

05/07/2017 - UK - Delivery costs extra: can STPs survive without the funding they need? 
05/07/2017 - USA - Engaging the Private Sector and Developing Partnerships to Advance Health and the Sustainable Development Goals: Proceedings of a Workshop Series 
05/07/2017 - International - Architectural frameworks: defining the structures for implementing learning health systems 
05/07/2017 - Europe - Improving patient experience in primary care: a multimethod programme of research on the measurement and improvement of patient experience 
05/07/2017 - UK - Transferring research from a university to the United Kingdom National Health Service: the implications for impact 
05/07/2017 - Europe - Assessing the economic costs of unhealthy diets and low physical activity: an evidence review and proposed framework 
05/07/2017 - USA - Innovative Care Model to Improve Clinical Quality and Safety of Transitional Care: Early Outcomes 
05/07/2017 - New Zealand - Using Evidence to Inform Social Policy: The Role of Citizen-Based Analytics 
05/07/2017 - International - Ending discrimination in health care settings 
05/07/2017 - Australia - Preventive health: How much does Australia spend and is it enough? 
05/07/2017 - Ireland - Minister for Health Simon Harris TD publishes the third annual report of the National Healthcare Quality Reporting System (NHQRS) 
05/07/2017 - Ireland - Framework for National Performance Indicators for Nursing & Midwifery 
20/06/2017 - Japan - Health-Related Income Gaps and the Effectiveness of Redistributive Policies in Japan 
20/06/2017 - Europe - Understanding value in health data ecosystems: A review of current evidence and ways forward 
20/06/2017 - New Zealand - Health and Independence Report 2016 
20/06/2017 - Japan - The association between higher nurse staffing standards in the fee schedules and the geographic distribution of hospital nurses: A cross-sectional study using nationwide administrative data 
20/06/2017 - UK - The Hospital as a Multi-Product Firm: The Effect of Hospital Competition on Value-Added Indicators of Clinical Quality 
20/06/2017 - International - Factors Affecting Interprofessional Collaboration when Communicating through the use of Information and Communication Technologies: A Literature Review 
20/06/2017 - USA - Evaluation Approaches for Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Programs 
20/06/2017 - Canada - Real-world evidence. What role can it play in real-world decision-making? 
20/06/2017 - Ireland - Trends in Public/Private Patient Activity in Public Acute Hospitals 
20/06/2017 - UK - Acting without delay - how the independent sector is working with the NHS to reduce delayed discharge 
20/06/2017 - Canada - Extending Mental Health Diagnostic Privileges to Social Workers in Saskatchewan 
20/06/2017 - Canada - CFNU President unveils new survey results and report showing safe patient care declining, workplace violence increasing 
20/06/2017 - Canada - Report Shows 2016 Nurses’ Overtime, Absenteeism Costs Rose to Close to $2 Billion 
20/06/2017 - Australia - Cancer impacting Australia’s health more than any other group of diseases 
20/06/2017 - Canada - New program aims to increase independence of seniors 
06/06/2017 - Japan - Health-Related Income Gaps and the Effectiveness of Redistributive Policies in Japan 
06/06/2017 - Europe - Understanding value in health data ecosystems: A review of current evidence and ways forward 
06/06/2017 - New Zealand - Health and Independence Report 2016 
06/06/2017 - UK - Cross-sectional examination of the association between shift length and hospital nurses job satisfaction and nurse reported quality measures 
06/06/2017 - Canada - Virtual Visits and Patient-Centered Care: Results of a Patient Survey and Observational Study 
06/06/2017 - Canada - Implementation of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery: a strategy to transform surgical care across a health system 
06/06/2017 - Canada - Data for Improvement and Clinical Excellence: a report of an interrupted time series trial of feedback in home care 
06/06/2017 - UK - Innovation Impact Stories. Clinical academic collaborations improving the lives of our patients 
06/06/2017 - UK - Health and social care integration: roundtable write-up 
06/06/2017 - UK - Caring by design 
06/06/2017 - Canada - In Your Pocket 2017: A Handbook of Health Economic Statistics 
06/06/2017 - Australia - National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions 
06/06/2017 - Australia - Shared Decision Making in Australia in 2017 
06/06/2017 - UK - Mobilising Communities: Insights on Community Action for Health and Wellbeing 
06/06/2017 - Spain - Spanish public hospital waiting lists: A theoretical and empirical approach 
06/06/2017 - Europe - The Future of Long Term Care in Europe. An Investigation Using a Dynamic Microsimulation Model 
06/06/2017 - Australia - The effect of inadequate access to healthcare services on emergency room visits in Australia 
24/05/2017 - International - Assessing medical professionalism: A systematic review of instruments and their measurement properties 
24/05/2017 - International - A sequential model for the structure of health care utilization 
24/05/2017 - International - The Drive toward Universal Health Coverage: Progress and Challenges around the World 
24/05/2017 - UK - Investing in success: NHS priorities for the new government 
24/05/2017 - Canada - Responsiveness of a simple tool for assessing change in behavioral intention after continuing professional development activities 
24/05/2017 - International - Collaborative writing applications in healthcare: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes 

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