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This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

18/04/2018 - UK - Planning, assuring and delivering service change for patients 
18/04/2018 - Canada - Federal Financial Support to Provinces and Territories: A Long-term Scenario Analysis 
18/04/2018 - UK - Transforming health care in nursing homes. An evaluation of a dedicated primary care service in outer east London 
18/04/2018 - UK - What makes us healthy? An introduction to the social determinants of health 
18/04/2018 - International - What can we learn from interventions that aim to increase policy-makers’ capacity to use research? A realist scoping review 
18/04/2018 - The Netherlands - Centre for Healthy Living in The Netherlands: Building sustainable capacity and alliances for effective health promotion 
18/04/2018 - USA - Creating an Age-Friendly Public Health System: Challenges, Opportunites, and Next Steps 
18/04/2018 - UK - Accounting for the quality of NHS output 
18/04/2018 - Ireland - Minister Harris launches Public Consultation on Geographical Alignment of Community Healthcare Organisations and Hospital Groups 
18/04/2018 - Australia - New services for carers announced 
18/04/2018 - Canada - Wait times grow for joint replacements and cataract surgeries in Canada, more procedures being done 
18/04/2018 - UK - Cyber-attack on the NHS 
05/04/2018 - International - A qualitative exploration of contextual factors that influence dissemination and implementation of evidence-based chronic disease prevention across four countries 
05/04/2018 - Sweden - Implementation of clinical practice guidelines on lifestyle interventions in Swedish primary healthcare – a two-year follow up 
05/04/2018 - USA - Striving Toward a Culture of Health: How Regional Collaboratives Can Advance Funding and Financing to Improve Population Health 
05/04/2018 - UK - Maintaining momentum: driving improvements in mental health care 
05/04/2018 - UK - Integrating mental health and social care 
05/04/2018 - UK - System change through situated learning: Pre-evaluation of the Health Innovation Network's Communities of Practice 
05/04/2018 - Canada - Selecting Pan-Canadian Indicators for Access to Mental Health and Addiction Services, and to Home and Community Care Progress Report 
05/04/2018 - International - The implementation of Health in All Policies initiatives: a systems framework for government action 
05/04/2018 - International - Frameworks for embedding a research culture in allied health practice: a rapid review 
05/04/2018 - UK - Integrating mental health and social care: does it work in practice? 
05/04/2018 - UK - The prioritisation framework: making the most of your budget 
05/04/2018 - UK - The state of care in independent online primary health services 
05/04/2018 - UK - Sustainability and transformation in the NHS 
05/04/2018 - UK - Forward Thinking - NIHR research on support for people with severe mental illness 
05/04/2018 - UK - £30m to tackle hospital waiting lists across Northern Ireland 
21/03/2018 - Australia - New Program Proves its Worth in Improving Dementia Care 
21/03/2018 - Canada - Health Canada releases summary of comments from cannabis regulatory consultations 
21/03/2018 - UK - Optimising Care Delivery Models to Support Ageing-In-Place 
21/03/2018 - International - Implementing Primary Health Care Policy under Changing Global Political Conditions: Lessons Learned From 4 National Settings 
21/03/2018 - USA - A Funding Crisis for Public Health and Safety: State-by-State and Federal Public Health Funding Facts and Recommendations 
21/03/2018 - UK - NHS treatment of private patients: the impact on NHS finances and NHS patient care 
21/03/2018 - USA - Wake Up Call: Healthcare providers and payers need to up their IT game. The clock is ticking 
21/03/2018 - UK - Employee engagement, sickness absence and agency spend in NHS trusts 
21/03/2018 - UK - NHS reality check: update 2018 
21/03/2018 - UK - Regulating health and social care 
21/03/2018 - Ireland - Addressing Market Segmentation And Incentives For Risk Selection How Well Does Risk Equalisation In The Irish Private Health Insurance Market Work? 
21/03/2018 - USA - Access to Care and Satisfaction among Health Center Patients With Chronic Conditions 
21/03/2018 - UK - Tackling multiple unhealthy risk factors: emerging lessons from practice 
21/03/2018 - UK - Reducing emergency admissions 
21/03/2018 - China - Catastrophic health expenditure in households with chronic disease patients: A pre-post comparison of the New Health Care Reform in Shaanxi Province, China 
07/03/2018 - UK - Growing innovative models of health, care and support for adults 
07/03/2018 - USA - The Age-Friendly Health System Imperative 
07/03/2018 - UK - Public Health England (PHE). Evaluation and recommendations 
07/03/2018 - Canada - CFPC Position Statement supports access to EMR data for quality improvement and research 
07/03/2018 - International - Do employees benefit from collaborations between out of hours general practitioners and emergency departments? 
07/03/2018 - USA - National Health Expenditure Projections, 2017–26: Despite Uncertainty, Fundamentals Primarily Drive Spending Growth 
07/03/2018 - UK - Choice in mental health care 
07/03/2018 - UK - The report of the Short Life Working Group on reducing medication-related harm 

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