Santé et Services sociaux Québec.
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Latest Updates

This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

13/09/2017 - UK - Assessing the impact of the introduction of an electronic hospital discharge system on the completeness and timeliness of discharge communication: a before and after study 
13/09/2017 - USA - Endurance Capabilities Roadmap: Health System Checkup 
13/09/2017 - International - Post-operative mortality, missed care and nurse staffing in nine countries: A cross-sectional study 
13/09/2017 - Canada - Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Use: A Pan-Canadian Framework for Action 
13/09/2017 - Europe - New HCP study reveals huge inequality around Europe in heart disease prevention 
13/09/2017 - Australia - Digital health in Australia: what works, and future directions 
13/09/2017 - Australia - What Indigenous Australian clients value about primary health care: a systematic review of qualitative evidence 
13/09/2017 - International - What establishes an excellent nurse? A focus group and Delphi panel approach 
13/09/2017 - International - The quality, safety and governance of telephone triage and advice services – an overview of evidence from systematic reviews 
31/08/2017 - UK - Sustainability and Transformation Plans. How serious are the proposals? A critical review 
31/08/2017 - India - Federal Fiscal Transfers on Health: Implications of Fourteenth Finance Commission. Recommendations at Subnational Level 
31/08/2017 - UK - Future drivers of the health of Londoners 
31/08/2017 - USA - Just What the Nurse Practitioner Ordered: Independent Prescriptive Authority and Population Mental Health 
31/08/2017 - Canada - Expanding Scope of Practice for Ontario Optometrists 
31/08/2017 - International - Conceptualising a model to guide nursing and midwifery in the community guided by an evidence review 
31/08/2017 - UK - Investigation into NHS continuing healthcare funding 
31/08/2017 - International - Assessing the impact of healthcare research: A systematic review of methodological frameworks 
31/08/2017 - Canada - Collective impact and public health: An old/new approach — Stories of two Canadian initiatives 
31/08/2017 - Canada - Health Technology Assessment in Canada: Opportunities for Optimization and Redesign 
31/08/2017 - Canada - Long-Term Demographic Forecasts and Implications for Health Care Resources and Repurposing 
31/08/2017 - UK - Developing people – improving care: a national framework for action on improvement and leadership development in NHS-funded services 
31/08/2017 - UK - Rebooting health and social care integration: an agenda for more person centred care 
31/08/2017 - International - Social Insurance and Health 
31/08/2017 - Mexico - Bridging the health care gap through telehealth: the MedicallHome and ConsejoSano models 
31/08/2017 - UK - Managing patient flow and improving efficiencies: The role of technology 
31/08/2017 - Canada - Canadians’ Strong Health Literacy Scores Tied to Good Health Status, But Navigating Health System Remains a Challenge 
31/08/2017 - Ireland - Plans to increase access to cost-effective biosimilar medicines move forward with opening of public consultation 
15/08/2017 - UK - Spatial planning for health: an evidence resource for planning and designing healthier places 
15/08/2017 - UK - The state of the NHS provider sector 
15/08/2017 - UK - Inpatient provision for children and young people with mental health problems 
15/08/2017 - UK - General practice - developing confidence, capability and capacity 
15/08/2017 - Australia - Australia's hospitals at a glance 2015–16 
15/08/2017 - UK - Improving digital literacy 
15/08/2017 - UK - Behind closed doors: can we expect NHS staff to be the shock absorbers of a system under pressure? 
15/08/2017 - UK - The recruitment, retention and return of nurses to general practice nursing in England 
15/08/2017 - UK - Improving access for all: reducing inequalities in access to general practice services 
15/08/2017 - Canada - Expanding Pharmacists' Scope of Practice to Include Immunization in Nova Scotia 
15/08/2017 - Australia - Mutual Learning about Health System Performance in Australia's Intergovernmental Health Committee System? 
15/08/2017 - UK - Quality improvement in mental health 
15/08/2017 - Canada - Centralized Health Care: A Recipe That’s Doomed to Fail 
15/08/2017 - Australia - Role of Data in Improving Care within a Health System: A Case Study of the Australian Health System 
15/08/2017 - Slovakia - Improving the Efficiency and Outcomes of the Slovak Health-Care System 
15/08/2017 - Canada - The Price of Public Health Care Insurance 2017 
05/07/2017 - China - Analysing a Chinese Regional Integrated Healthcare Organisation Reform Failure using a Complex Adaptive System Approach 
05/07/2017 - UK - A healthy state of mind: improving young people's mental fitness 
05/07/2017 - UK - Enabling change through communities of practice 
05/07/2017 - International - Mortality Inequality in Canada and the U.S.: Divergent or Convergent Trends? 
05/07/2017 - UK - Delivery costs extra: can STPs survive without the funding they need? 
05/07/2017 - USA - Engaging the Private Sector and Developing Partnerships to Advance Health and the Sustainable Development Goals: Proceedings of a Workshop Series 
05/07/2017 - International - Architectural frameworks: defining the structures for implementing learning health systems