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Latest Updates

This section contains news or up-to-date information on health and social services systems or their modes of organization which have not been disseminated in the OISSS monitoring bulletin. It complements the review of the literature on health and social services reforms.

21/03/2018 - Australia - New Program Proves its Worth in Improving Dementia Care 
21/03/2018 - Canada - Health Canada releases summary of comments from cannabis regulatory consultations 
21/03/2018 - UK - Optimising Care Delivery Models to Support Ageing-In-Place 
21/03/2018 - International - Implementing Primary Health Care Policy under Changing Global Political Conditions: Lessons Learned From 4 National Settings 
21/03/2018 - USA - A Funding Crisis for Public Health and Safety: State-by-State and Federal Public Health Funding Facts and Recommendations 
21/03/2018 - UK - NHS treatment of private patients: the impact on NHS finances and NHS patient care 
21/03/2018 - USA - Wake Up Call: Healthcare providers and payers need to up their IT game. The clock is ticking 
21/03/2018 - UK - Employee engagement, sickness absence and agency spend in NHS trusts 
21/03/2018 - UK - NHS reality check: update 2018 
21/03/2018 - UK - Regulating health and social care 
21/03/2018 - Ireland - Addressing Market Segmentation And Incentives For Risk Selection How Well Does Risk Equalisation In The Irish Private Health Insurance Market Work? 
21/03/2018 - USA - Access to Care and Satisfaction among Health Center Patients With Chronic Conditions 
21/03/2018 - UK - Tackling multiple unhealthy risk factors: emerging lessons from practice 
21/03/2018 - UK - Reducing emergency admissions 
21/03/2018 - China - Catastrophic health expenditure in households with chronic disease patients: A pre-post comparison of the New Health Care Reform in Shaanxi Province, China 
07/03/2018 - UK - Growing innovative models of health, care and support for adults 
07/03/2018 - USA - The Age-Friendly Health System Imperative 
07/03/2018 - UK - Public Health England (PHE). Evaluation and recommendations 
07/03/2018 - Canada - CFPC Position Statement supports access to EMR data for quality improvement and research 
07/03/2018 - International - Do employees benefit from collaborations between out of hours general practitioners and emergency departments? 
07/03/2018 - USA - National Health Expenditure Projections, 2017–26: Despite Uncertainty, Fundamentals Primarily Drive Spending Growth 
07/03/2018 - UK - Choice in mental health care 
07/03/2018 - UK - The report of the Short Life Working Group on reducing medication-related harm 
07/03/2018 - UK - Prevalence and economic burden of medication errors in the NHS in England 
07/03/2018 - UK - Links between NHS staff experience and patient satisfaction: analysis of surveys from 2014 and 2015 
07/03/2018 - Ireland - Taskforce on Staffing and Skill Mix for Nursing achieves positive patient outcomes and a better work environment 
07/03/2018 - International - The benefits of co-location in primary care practices: the perspectives of general practitioners and patients in 34 countries 
07/03/2018 - UK - Government response to the Lords Select Committee report on long-term sustainability of the NHS and adult social care 
07/03/2018 - USA - Healthcare’s silver lining: The industry’s stance on the Cloud is transitioning from fear to optimism 
07/03/2018 - International - The costs, resource use and cost-effectiveness of Clinical Nurse Specialist–led interventions for patients with palliative care needs: A systematic review of international evidence 
07/03/2018 - Canada - New standards help both health care professionals and patients manage opioid use 
23/02/2018 - International - Monitoring universal health coverage within the Sustainable Development Goals: development and baseline data for an index of essential health services 
23/02/2018 - Canada - Report of the Better Together Policy Roundtable 
23/02/2018 - Canada - Americanizing Canadian Nursing: Nursing Regulation Drift 
23/02/2018 - UK - Politics, hospital behaviour and health care spending 
23/02/2018 - International - Physical Health and Well-Being in Children and Youth: Review of the Literature 
23/02/2018 - UK - Health and social care: delivering a secure funding future 
23/02/2018 - UK - The risks to care quality and staff wellbeing of an NHS system under pressure 
23/02/2018 - Norway - Acting on audit & feedback: a qualitative instrumental case study in mental health services in Norway 
23/02/2018 - Europe - Reasons for unmet needs for health care: the role of social capital and social support in some Western EU countries 
23/02/2018 - Italy - Evaluating organizational change in health care: the patient-centered hospital model 
23/02/2018 - Europe - Innovative Payment Models For High-Cost Innovative Medicines 
23/02/2018 - USA - The Impact of Nurse Practitioner Scope-of-Practice Regulations in Primary Care 
23/02/2018 - Europe - Expert group meeting to enhance Health 2020 monitoring and reporting. Strengthening the measurement framework 
23/02/2018 - International - Engaging policy-makers, heath system managers, and policy analysts in the knowledge synthesis process: a scoping review 
23/02/2018 - Europe - Providing Community-Based Mental Health Services 
23/02/2018 - Canada - Canadian generic drug prices remain higher than international levels in recent years 
08/02/2018 - Australia - Most emergency department patients continue to be seen on time, despite increased activity 
08/02/2018 - Europe - Making the link: Gender Equality and Health 
08/02/2018 - Europe - Protecting health in Europe from climate change: 2017 update