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Lunch hour conferences 2017

Motivational and communication strategies to promote healthy behaviors

February 2nd, 2017

Mrs. Ariane Bélanger-Gravel, assistant professor, Department of information and communication, Laval University and associate researcher at the Research Center of the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute.

Promoting the adoption and the maintenance of healthy behaviors is a big challenge. In that perspective, an important number of research works have been done in order to better understand the factors influencing the individuals’ motivation towards different behaviors. Now, various motivational and/or communication strategies have been studied to identify the ones having the most potential effectiveness. However, even if some strategies seem promising, the use of principles associated with behavior change for promoting efficiently a healthy lifestyle remains a challenge and an important issue in professional practice.

This presentation is an overview of different fundamental principles regulating the adoption and maintenance of healthy habits as well as the illustration, by various researches on the subject, of approaches or strategies having a potential of effectiveness (or not) to modify the habits favorable to the development and the maintenance of good health.

This presentation is intended for managers, professionals, administrative staff and other partners involved in the field.