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New Zealand - Developing accountable care systems. Lessons from Canterbury, New Zealand

Examining how the UK can reduce demand for acute hospital care, this comparative study looks at an example of municipal health care organization in Canterbury, New Zealand. The example demonstrates that expanding hospital capacity is not needed if sizeable investments are made in primary care and community services. Compared to the UK, the New Zealand model has lower acute medical admission rates and spends considerably less on emergency hospital care.

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UK - Do expanded seven-day NHS services improve clinical outcomes? Analysis of comparative institutional performance from the “NHS Services, Seven Days a Week” project 2013–2016

In 2013, the Seven Days a Week Project was initiated to expand full access to the National Health Service (NHS) on weekends. This study analyzes these changes, finding that the adverse clinical outcomes associated with weekends may not be improved by the reorganization. In fact, unless there is additional financial investment, such changes may negatively impact care quality, as seen by the worsening of some outcomes.

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Europe - Health system performance assessment. Reporting and Communicating. Practical guide for policy makers

Published by the European Union (EU), this paper is for policymakers conducting health system performance assessments and provides practical tips and advice on ways to effectively report and communicate their findings. Four steps in the process are described: defining performance assessment goals, identifying target audiences, determining methodology, and implementing monitoring to provide evaluation and effective feedback. Examples are provided for each step.

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UK - Leading Large Scale Change: A practical guide

Prepared by the National Health Service (NHS), this guide to leading large-scale organizational change in complex healthcare environments rounds up all the latest thinking and tools that can be used to advance operational change. It contains an eight-element strategic plan developed by the NHS, updates on other leading transformational change models, case studies, and links to online resources including presentations and videos.

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Canada - Canada’s doctor supply has grown faster than the population for the past decade

Outpacing population growth for the tenth year in a row, the number of physicians in Canada continued trending upward in 2016. There are now more than 84,000 physicians, or 230 per 100,000 people, the highest proportion ever. Growth in the number of doctors is now almost triple that of the Canadian population.

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UK - Health Secretary announces nursing workforce reforms

Britain’s Health Department has announced reforms to nurse training and staff retention that include a 25% increase in training posts for nurses and improvements to working conditions. Beginning in 2018, funding will be provided for an additional 5,170 pre-registration nurse degrees. A shortened nurse degree apprenticeship route will also be introduced.

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