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Canada - B.C. government’s primary health-care strategy focuses on faster, team-based care

British Columbia’s government is launching a strategy to improve access to primary health care. New primary care networks will be established over the next two years, along with urban primary care centres and community health centres. Funding will be provided for general practitioners moving into the new team-based care model.

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UK - New system launched to help measure and prevent medication errors

The National Health Service (NHS) has launched a system to track the contribution of medication errors to hospital admissions. The system will use a series of indicators that link prescribing data from primary care to hospital admissions. The first indicators introduced will focus on the role of prescription errors in admissions for gastrointestinal bleeding.

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UK - Review announced into training NHS staff to use AI and robotics

The UK government has announced an independent review to study how National Health Service (NHS) staff can be trained to use current cutting-edge technologies. The review will look at such fields as artificial intelligence (including robotics), genomics, and digital medicine, while considering the implications for the skills required of future healthcare professionals.

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