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Canada - Balancing Effectiveness and Efficiency: Driving Value-Based Health Care through Clinician Engagement

This report by the Conference Board of Canada describes some of the foundational components of clinician engagement with the intention of helping stakeholders improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organizations’ clinician engagement processes. The report is based on a literature review and interviews with 21 Canadian and international stakeholders to explore contexts and roles that encourage clinician engagement.

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Canada - 2018 Cancer System Performance Report

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's annual report examines Canada's cancer system to show what’s working and where improvements are needed. The report finds that while many Canadians are still being diagnosed with preventable cancers and waiting too long for diagnostic tests, more people are surviving cancer than ever before.

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Austria - Austria Health system review, 2018

Published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, this snapshot of Austria’s health system in 2018 highlights recent reforms to improve governance, increase healthy life expectancy, and improve quality and efficiency of service delivery. Overall, Austria has one of the most effective health systems in Europe, with coverage, access, patient satisfaction and mortality rates significantly better than the European Union average.

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