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USA - A Growing Number of States Have Policies to Increase Primary Care

A first step toward increasing primary care investment is measuring and reporting primary care spending. Seven US states now report on spending while two others, Rhode Island and Oregon, use regulatory policies to spur investment. In 2019, Colorado and Vermont passed laws requiring primary care investment targets. Another eight states have proposed similar legislation.

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The Netherlands - What makes an ideal hospital-based medical leader? Three views of healthcare professionals and managers: A case study

This Dutch study investigates the views of 25 healthcare professionals and 14 managers on what they consider important factors for medical leadership. Participants were interviewed, and ranked 34 factors identified in the scientific literature. Factor analysis revealed three distinct views of medical leadership. The first represents a strategic leader who prioritizes the interests of the hospital in decision-making. The second describes a social leader with strong collaboration and communication skills. The third reflects an accepted leader guided by a clear job description.

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The Netherlands - Statistics in Dutch policy debates on health and healthcare

The aim of this study was to explore how healthcare statistics are used in policy debates in the Dutch government and parliament. Researchers reviewed 163 documents and eight videotaped parliamentary sessions to analyze the use of statistics in discussions of morbidity, lifestyle, healthcare expenditure and healthcare outcomes. The study identified two uses of statistics: managerial and rhetorical.

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