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Canada - Ontario's Government for the People Affirms Patient Values and Health Care Expectations

Ontario's government has published a Patient Declaration of Values to provide guidelines for developing programs and services that support patients as partners in care across the province's health system. Core elements include respect and dignity, accountability, transparency, equity and engagement. The Ontario Minister of Health’s Patient and Family Advisory Council produced the Declaration in collaboration with health system leaders.

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Europe - Economic and social impacts and benefits of health systems

This WHO report demonstrates how the health sector is essential to a stable economy. Designed to assist European policymakers, the report provides guidance to engage in dialogue with ministries of finance to prevent disinvestment in health. It includes a framework that national, regional and local policymakers can apply to show that health systems are a key sector supporting goals for sustainable development.

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Canada - Regional differences in where and how family medicine residents intend to practise: a cross-sectional survey analysis

Family medicine residents choose among a range of practice options as they enter the workforce. This paper examines the professional preferences of residents across Canada with regards to practice setting, organizational model, clinical domain and population served. Analyzing data from the College of Family Physicians and 16 university residency programs, the paper finds that 80% of residents intend to practice in a team-based model.

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