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Canada - Advance Health Care Directives: A New Brunswick Guide

This guide was produced by the Public Legal Education and Information Services of New Brunswick. It aims to educate the public on new provincial legislation that enables individuals to set out their future healthcare wishes and ensure these are known to healthcare professionals. The guide explains who can create a health care directive, how to create it, where to keep it, and how to update it or revoke it.

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Canada - Attaching Patients in Primary Care through Centralized Waiting Lists.Seven Canadian Provinces Compared

Canada has one of the lowest rates of access to primary care among high-income countries. To address this concern, seven provinces have implemented centralized waiting lists (CWLs) for unattached patients. This interprovincial comparison examines CWL implementation at three stages (registration, patient assessment, and affiliation). Common issues with CWLs include ensuring access for vulnerable patients, the need to monitor implementation, and the shortage of primary care providers.

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Ireland - Minister for Health publishes the Scheduled Care Access Plan 2019 to improve Acute Hospital Waiting Times

Ireland's Health Minister has published a plan to reduce patient waiting lists. It sets out a number of commitments aimed at improving access to acute hospital procedures and outpatient appointments. The €75 million plan ($113 million Cdn) focuses on 10 high volume procedures, including cataracts, joint replacements, tonsillitis and angiograms.

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