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Canada - Canada’s drug spending growth outpaces that for hospitals and doctors

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), drug spending in Canada is now outpacing other major areas of health spending. Canada is expected to spend $33.7 billion on prescribed drugs in 2018, an estimated annual increase of 4.2% compared with increases of 4.0% and 3.1% for hospitals and doctors, respectively.

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Australia - Barriers and enablers of patient and family centred care in an Australian acute care hospital: Perspectives of health managers

Undertaken in an acute care public hospital in Sydney, Australia, this study explores barriers and enablers affecting patient and family-centred care. The authors interviewed 15 health managers in medicine, nursing, allied health and non-clinical services. Participants agreed that key enablers included leadership focus, supportive formal structures, and positive staff relations. Key barriers were staffing, resource and environmental constraints, along with unsupportive staff attitudes.

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Canada - Waiting Your Turn. Wait Times for Health Care in Canada, 2018 Report

This report by the Fraser Institute on wait times across Canada for specialist visits and diagnostic and surgical procedures finds considerable variation among the 10 provinces. Saskatchewan reports the shortest total waits (15.4 weeks), while New Brunswick reports the longest (45.1 weeks). The proportion of patients waiting for treatment varies from a low of 1.7% in Quebec to a high of 6.2% in Nova Scotia.

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