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Switzerland - Communication, continuity and coordination of care are the most important patients' values for family medicine in a fee-for-services health system

More than 60% of medical consultations in Switzerland are conducted at the primary care level. In this study, researchers surveyed 200 primary care users to explore what Swiss patients value most with regards to family medicine. They then look at associations between these findings and socio-demographic factors. Surveyed patients identified issues related to person-centred communication and the coordination and continuity of care as most important.

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Canada - CFHI Expanding Access to Innovative Palliative Approach that will Improve End-Of-Life Care

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) is working with seven organizations in five provinces and one territory to spread Embedding Palliative Approaches to Care (EPAC). The EPAC approach is a proven innovation that allows long-term care staff to identify residents who would benefit from a palliative approach, and facilitates implementation of comprehensive care plans.

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Australia - Improving the quality of healthcare: a cross-sectional study of the features of successful clinical networks

This study of 19 clinical networks in the Australian state of New South Wales draws on interviews with 51 managers. The authors investigate factors that make clinical networks effective at improving quality of care and facilitating system-wide change. Three networks were found to have a high impact on quality of care, and seven had a high impact on system-wide change. Network management appear to be a primary contributor to effectiveness.

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