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International - Engaging patients to improve quality of care: a systematic review

Identifying strategies and factors that enable patient engagement in the design, delivery and evaluation of health services, this systematic review of 48 prior studies observes that levels of engagement appear to influence outcomes of service redesign. Discrete products are usually derived from low-level engagement (consultative unidirectional feedback), whereas care processes and structural outcomes are derived from high-level engagement (partnership strategies).

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International - Delivering Quality Health Services: A Global Imperative for Universal Health

As countries around the world institute universal health coverage, there is growing acknowledgement that optimal health care requires a deliberate focus on quality. Published by the OECD, this document describes how to develop, refine and execute national quality policies and strategies, and supplies 22 recommendations for improving and sustaining quality of care.

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International - Launch of new global estimates on levels of physical activity in adults

New data published in The Lancet Global Health show that more than one in four adults globally (28% or 1.4 billion people) are physically inactive. However this can be as high as one in three adults inactive in some counties.

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