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International - New perspectives on global health spending for universal health coverage

This WHO report summarizes the latest data on global health spending, while incorporating a new classification scheme for health expenditures from the revised System of Health Accounts. This framework enables the presentation of detailed information on the role of governments, households and donors in funding health services, as well as the financing arrangements through which funds are channelled and spent.

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Europe - Headline Indicators for Structured Monitoring of Health System Performance in Europe

Published by EuroHealth, this article proposes using a prioritized set of indicators identified from 43 health system performance assessments (HSPA) to inform comparative analysis of policy impacts. The set of 95 indicators were assessed for relevance to HSPA domains of access, efficiency, equity and quality of care. Indicators to monitor performance on key public health objectives in were identified.

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UK - Some assembly required: implementing new models of care. Lessons from the new care models programme

In 2015, the National Health Service (NHS) selected 50 local vanguard sites to implement innovative models of care. This report draws on the experiences of those leading the vanguard sites over the past three years to set out lessons for systematic improvement across local health and care services. It emphasises the value of local co-creation and extensive testing of new care models.

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Canada- Social Systems Evidence provides policymakers and stakeholders with better access to research evidence

Funded by McMaster University, Social Systems Evidence (SSE) is a new website that provides a repository of research syntheses concerning government programs, services and products in the areas of community and social services, culture, gender, economic development, education, and transportation.

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UK - Falling short: Why the NHS is still struggling to make the most of new innovations

In recent years, significant resources have gone into understanding why Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is often slow to adopt innovations despite strong evidence of benefit. This briefing by the Nuffield Trust consultancy pins the problem on an approach to innovation that is overly supply-driven and top-down, a lack of timely generation of evidence, and the silo-based structure within NHS organizations that restricts the broader adaptation of research and development.

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Canada - Fostering development of nursing practices to support integrated care when implementing integrated care pathways: what levers to use?

The role of nurses in care integration is a particular focus of health system reform. In this study at a Québec health and social services centre (HSSC), researchers interviewed 37 nurses and managers to identify strategies that support nursing practices aligned with care integration requirements. Findings suggest that clinical and organizational processes should be reconceived along with organizational resources and structures.  

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