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Australia - Mental health spending hits $9 billion, but retains steady proportion of government health spending

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), spending on mental health-related services in Australia grew to $9 billion in 2016, or about $373 per person, an increase from $354 in 2012. The share of government health spending dedicated to mental health remained stable over the same time period. In 2015–16, State and territory governments covered about 60% of total mental health spending, the Australian Government 35%, and private health insurance funds 5%.

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International - Barriers to the Integration of Care in Inter-Organisational Settings: A Literature Review

Authored by a German academic, this systematic literature review of 40 studies analyzes barriers to integrated care in inter-organizational settings. The review identifies 20 types of barriers, which are categorized into six groups: administration and regulation, funding, intra-organizational and inter-organizational domains, service delivery, and clinical practices. The review notes that some barriers are set up intentionally.

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Europe - Benchmarking Access to Healthcare in the EU

This report from an expert panel in the European Union (EU) proposes a series of quantitative and qualitative benchmarks for assessing progress in reducing unmet need for health care. It also explores use of EU funds to improve access. Relying on the Survey of Income and Living Conditions (SILC), the report draws attention to the relatively high rates of unmet need in some EU countries.  

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