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UK - Developing and evaluating a tool to measure general practice productivity: a multimethod study

Ways to measure the performance of general practices remain limited. The present study developed a new productivity measure, the General Practice Effectiveness Tool (GPET). The 50 practices participating in the yearlong study entered data on 52 indicators monthly and received automated feedback on changes in effectiveness over time. Reaction to GPET's usefulness was varied: its average rating was 4 out of 10.

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International - The dos and don’ts of influencing policy: a systematic review of advice to academics

Many academics have strong incentives to influence policymaking, but may not know where to start. This paper by British authors synthesizes relevant ‘how to’ advice from peer-reviewed and grey literature in order to come up with six recommendations for academics: ensure high-quality research; understand policy processes; be accessible; choose between being an issue advocate or honest broker; build relationships; and engage in continuous reflection.  

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UK - Staffing on Wards. Making decisions about healthcare staffing, improving effectiveness and supporting staff to care well

Published by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), this review of hospital ward staffing in the National Health Service (NHS) provides a detailed snapshot of staffing strategy, policy, organization and practice. Focusing primarily on the ward roles of registered nurses, the review also considers other professions, including medical staff, specialist nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists. Three prior NIHR-funded studies are highlighted to provide more depth.

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