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Japan - OECD Reviews of Public Health: Japan. A Healthier Tomorrow

Japan's public health system is the subject of this OECD report, which highlights areas of strength and weakness, and makes recommendations. It examines public health system architecture in view of population health challenges, especially those relating to the country's large elderly population. It also focuses on the extensive health check-ups program, the cornerstone of Japanese public health's secondary prevention strategy.

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Canada - Ontario's Government for the People to Break Down Barriers to Better Patient Care

Ontario's provincial government has announced a new healthcare plan to integrate multiple provincial agencies and programs into a single system oversight agency. The province will also invest $3.8 billion in a new system for mental health and addictions treatment, and add 45,000 long-term care beds over the next decade.

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Portugal - Portuguese Health Literacy Action Plan helps people to help themselves

Portugal has initiated a Health Literacy Action Plan to encourage citizen participation in healthcare decisions. The plan focuses on interventions to increase health literacy and enhance peoples' ability to navigate the health service and improve self-care and disease management. Surveys show that 38% of the Portuguese population have poor levels of health literacy.

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