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New Zealand - Action needed to help people with mental health issues in New Zealand

This report from the OECD says New Zealand has successfully carried out major health reforms over the past decade but still needs to overhaul mental health services due to problems with access and timely treatment. Every year, one in five New Zealanders experiences a diagnosable mental health issue.

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Czech Republic - Improving the Czech health care system

Compared to other post-Communist countries, the Czech healthcare system is doing well in terms of health outcomes and is now approaching Western European standards. This paper assesses the performance and emerging challenges of the Czech health system and provides recommendations for effectiveness and financial sustainability in the Republic's aging society. International benchmarking points to a potential for further efficiency gains throughout the health system.

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Portugal - Portuguese Health Literacy Action Plan helps people to help themselves

Portugal has initiated a Health Literacy Action Plan to encourage citizen participation in healthcare decisions. The plan focuses on interventions to increase health literacy and enhance peoples' ability to navigate the health service and improve self-care and disease management. Surveys show that 38% of the Portuguese population have poor levels of health literacy.

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