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International - The private healthcare market and the sustainability of an innovative community nurses programme based on social entrepreneurship - CoNSENSo project

CoNSENSo is a European Union (EU) project to develop a community nursing model to support active aging in Europe’s remote mountain areas. The sustainability of the approach relies on social entrepreneurship in the healthcare market. This research, undertaken in Italy’s Piedmont region, highlights conditions for successful implementation, and finds that the private supply of healthcare services can support active aging in mountain areas.

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UK - Identifying options for funding the NHS and social care in the UK: international evidence

Identifying options for health and social care funding in the UK, this paper explores how 16 other high-income countries have implemented changes to meet systemic challenges. Most of these countries have public health systems but rely more on private funding for social care. Internationally, funding reforms tend to be incremental and catalyzed by economic circumstances rather than demand for care.

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UK - Guide to reducing long hospital stays

In the UK, over 350,000 patients spend more than three weeks in hospital each year. Published by Improvement NHS, this guide offers practical steps and tactics to support the National Health Service (NHS) and its partners in establishing an optimal approach to managing hospital length of stay. While aimed at acute hospitals, the guide makes reference to how system partners can play a supporting role.

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