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Canada - Do family health clinics provide primary-level palliative care in Ontario and the eastern regions of Quebec?

This study provides important insights into the extent to which family health clinics provide primary-level palliative care in Ontario and eastern Quebec. The authors found that most of the responding clinics in both provinces reported that their patients who required palliative care had access to ambulatory and home care. A relatively small group of clinics in Ontario (28%) and most clinics in Quebec (91%) provided on-call palliative care services themselves.

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UK - Public acceptability of health and social care funding options. Funding options for the NHS and social care in the UK

Organized by a charitable think-tank, this project involved focus groups in the UK's four parts (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) to explore public preferences over ways to raise funds for health and social care. It found that the vast majority of participants wanted social care funding to be administered similarly to health care. Few participants realised the extent of private funding of social care.

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USA - Promoting Health and Cost Control in States: How States Can Improve Community Health & Well-being Through Policy Change

With funding supplied by the non-profit, non-partisan Trust for America’s Health, the PHACCS Initiative pinpoints evidence-based policies to provide the 50 US states with information on how to promote health while controlling costs. This report identifies policies for good health that benefit from cross-sector collaboration, reinforcing the awareness that changes to any given policy area can impact both health and a state's control over costs.

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