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Canada - Project Management and Practitioners in the Health Sector: From the Quebec Healthcare System Perspective to PM Literature Review

Authored by Quebec researchers, this article reviews 40 years of literature (1979-2017) on project management (PM) in both the health sector internationally and Quebec’s provincial healthcare system. The article describes the importance ascribed to health sector project management but finds a lack of emphasis on PM as a lever for healthcare service improvement. Most health sector PM research is not published by mainstream PM journals.

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International - Together on the road to universal health coverage. A call to action

Universal health coverage (UHC) is central to achieving better health and wellbeing for people at all ages. It delivers health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, and ensures that patients are not driven into poverty because of high costs. This WHO publication provides a comprehensive overview of UHC and discusses policies, priorities, financing, health inequities, and human rights.

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Canada - Costs of health care across primary care models in Ontario

This study examines the relationship between new primary care models in Ontario and the costs of primary care and total health care. It focuses on payment mechanisms for primary care physicians (fee-for-service [FFS] and blended capitation), and finds that new primary care models are associated with lower total healthcare costs compared to the traditional FFS model, despite higher primary care costs in some models.

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Canada - What can organizations do to improve family physicians’ interprofessional collaboration? Results of a survey of primary care in Quebec

This Quebec survey of 375 primary healthcare organizations assessed collaboration between family physicians (FPs) and other healthcare professionals. It found that 47.1% of organizations reported a high degree of collaboration between FPs and specialists. Collaboration was less common between FPs and non-physician professionals (16.5%). Clinical relationships with a hospital, and patients with chronic disease were associated with higher FP collaboration with other professionals.

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Canada - Competing demands and opportunities in primary care

In primary care, competing demands present a substantial barrier to the provision of specific services to patients. This study estimates the feasibility of meeting all current demands in primary care and considers the relative benefits of interventions such as screening and preventive health care, chronic disease management, and caring for patients with acute medical conditions.

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Canada - Investments in seniors' care needed as Canada's aging population grows

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is concerned that Canada’s healthcare system isn’t keeping up with the health care needs of older Canadians. In a submission to Parliament, the organization recommended major new investments in senior care and called for a national seniors’ strategy that emphasizes primary care and the role of caregivers.

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