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Canada - Pharmacare in Canada: Financial Implications of Alternative Models for Public and Private Payers

Based on the assumption the federal government will introduce a national pharmacare plan in 2020, this briefing models three potential pharmacare scenarios: a first-payer public plan and scenarios based on existing provincial pharmacare programs in Québec and British Columbia. It then estimates resulting changes to drug reimbursement. In all three models, the burden of drug costs shifts to public payers over time.

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International - Designing Publicly Funded Healthcare Markets

This paper argues that there is a need for competition agencies to become more active and effective advocates for the use of choice and competition in healthcare markets. The authors of the paper examine a range of case studies and explore who chooses, who pays, how payments are structured, and the nature of the supply side of the market.

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UK - The spread challenge. How to support the successful uptake of innovations and improvements in health care

This report looks at the uptake of innovation in the healthcare sector and what it calls the ‘replicability problem,’ the challenge of replicating in one place the impact of a new intervention achieved in another. The report’s central argument is that successfully spreading complex healthcare interventions requires working with adopters as much as innovators, as the former make crucial contributions to the successful spread of new ideas.

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