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International - Inclusive growth and health

In 2012, the OECD began studying how to help governments improve living standard for marginalized social groups. This paper links health to this inclusive growth agenda and assesses the relationship between health and socioeconomic factors. It includes a review of policies across the OECD.

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International - The Impact of Supply Chain Transformation in Global Health Systems

Changing supply chain processes improves safety, quality and performance in health systems. Examining the impact of transformations to health system supply chain infrastructure in Canada, the UK and the US, the research reveals that substantial savings can be achieved through inventory optimization and waste reduction, while automation can increase clinician time for patient care.

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USA - Approaches to Cross-Sector Population Health Accountability

The US is the only developed country to spend more on health care than on social services, suggesting that opportunities to address non-clinical health risk factors go unanswered. Financial alignment across the two sectors is one promising strategy to encourage collaboration and improve population health. This paper proposes a framework for defining risk relationships and outlines two approaches for aligning incentives: parallel risk and hierarchical risk.

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Canada - Lancet series calls on Canada for concrete action on Indigenous, global health

The Lancet has published a series of articles highlighting Indigenous health outcomes in Canada that include higher rates of chronic disease, higher infant mortality, and lower life expectancy. The journal calls for action on what it terms “a developing nation hidden inside Canada’s borders.”

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International - Which Policies Increase Value For Money in Health Care?

Published by the OECD, this working paper investigates how policies and institutions helped achieve better healthcare value for money across 26 OECD countries from 2000-2015. Findings showed that policies that increase the scope of goods and services covered by basic health care coverage helped achieve better value for money by moderating health spending growth and increasing life expectancy.

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The Netherlands - First products Dutch Public Health Foresight study available in English

In 2017, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) began releasing results from the Dutch Public Health Foresight Study, which analyzes trends in population health in the Netherlands up to 2040. Three reports concerning healthcare demand, technology, and the wider determinants of health have now been translated and are available in English.

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