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International - Improving Forecasting of Pharmaceutical Spending - Insights from 23 OECD and EU Countries Analytical Report

Based on a 2018 online survey and produced by the OECD, this report maps current practices in 23 OECD and European Union (EU) countries’ in tracking pharmaceutical expenditures and setting budgetary spending caps. The first section of the report presents a literature review, while the second section describes findings and recommended practices for countries that are introducing pharmaceutical expenditure projections to inform future policymaking.

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China - Effect of a typical systemic hospital reform on inpatient expenditure for rural population: the Sanming model in China

In 2013, the area of Sanming in southern China began reforms to control excessive hospital expenditures by adjusting payment methods and medical service prices. This study analyzes the impact of these measures on the financial burden and length of hospital stays experienced by Sanming's rural population. It concludes that the reforms caused decreases in both costs and stays, although out-of-pocket expenses as a share of total expenditure remained high.

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International - A cross-country study of mis-implementation in public health practice

The mis-implementation (premature termination or inappropriate continuation) of public health programs contributes to the misallocation of public health resources. This study examined the occurrence of mis-implementation in chronic disease prevention interventions in Australia, Brazil, China and the US. It found that decisions about continuing or ending a program were often seen as a function of program popularity and funding availability as opposed to effectiveness.

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