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Australia - Similar treatment – but costs vary greatly across hospitals

In Australia, the cost of treating patients varies significantly between hospitals, according to a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The report shows that some hospitals spend up to $6,400 to deliver ‘average’ services for acute patients that cost as little as $3,300 in other hospitals. Looking at metropolitan hospitals, the authors find that while some hospitals have reduced their average costs of delivering care by between 4% and 9% since 2012, others saw increases of the same order.

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Australia - The impact of Australian healthcare reforms on emergency department time-based process outcomes: An interrupted time series study

In 2011, the Australian government introduced national healthcare reforms aimed at increasing the timeliness and quality of hospital care. This study evaluated the impact of the reforms on emergency department (ED) process outcomes, including patient wait times for treatment and patient ED departures. Findings showed small improvements following the introduction of the national reforms.

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UK - A series of practical resources to support health and social care staff to reduce delayed transfers of care

The National Health Service (NHS) has issued five guides for staff on practical ways to reduce delays in transfers of care during Britain's winter flu season and avoid adverse outcomes for patients staying in hospital longer than required. The guides cover staff leadership, early discharge, home care, technology use, and immunization against the flu.

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