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International - The association between social exclusion or inclusion and health in EU and OECD countries: a systematic review

Social exclusion (SE), the inability to participate fully in society, is one of the driving forces of health inequalities. Evidence on the subject is pertinent but scarce. This review systematically summarizes 22 studies examining the association between the multidimensional concepts of SE, social inclusion (SI), and health among adults in European Union (EU) and OECD countries.

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UK - The NHS saves £324 million in a year by switching to better value medicines

The British National Health Service (NHS) saved £324 million ($547 million Cdn) in 2017 by switching from expensive medicines to equally effective, better value alternatives. The NHS expects to make further savings of £100 million ($168.7 million Cdn) this year from the use of biosimilar and generic medicines for rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and inflammatory bowel conditions.

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International - The private healthcare market and the sustainability of an innovative community nurses programme based on social entrepreneurship - CoNSENSo project

CoNSENSo is a European Union (EU) project to develop a community nursing model to support active aging in Europe’s remote mountain areas. The sustainability of the approach relies on social entrepreneurship in the healthcare market. This research, undertaken in Italy’s Piedmont region, highlights conditions for successful implementation, and finds that the private supply of healthcare services can support active aging in mountain areas.

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