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International - Organizational contextual features that influence the implementation of evidence-based practices across healthcare settings: a systematic integrative review

Conducted by Canadian researchers, this systematic review of 36 studies identifies commonly reported organizational context features that influence the implementation of evidence-based practices across healthcare settings, and describes how these features affect implementation. The review finds that six main features influence outcomes: organizational culture, leadership, communication, resources, evaluation and monitoring. Organizational culture was the feature most commonly reported to affect implementation.

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France – 25 key measures in the prevention policy to help people in France stay healthy throughout their lives

On March 26, 2018, the government of France announced initiatives aimed at producing an environment favourable to health at different ages. The actions cover the four stages of life: healthy pregnancy and the first 1,000 days of life; child and youth health; healthy living from age 25 to 65; and aging well and preventing loss of autonomy beyond 65. In total, the actions anticipated in the prevention policy represent an investment of 400 million euros over five years.

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USA - New County Health Rankings Show Differences in Health and Opportunity by Place and Race

The 2017 edition of County Health Rankings finds that health gaps persist not only by location, but also by race and ethnicity in the US. Data shows that minority communities are more likely to be cut off from opportunities for health, while burdens of poverty continue to fall heaviest on children of colour.

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