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March 23-24, 2011

The purpose of this two-day seminar by invitation was to bring together decision-makers and researchers in the field of health care systems performance and measurement in order to examine cross-Canadian and international perspectives to better understand how different health systems approach these issues and how effective these approaches are. Participants exchanged notably on how main analytical frameworks for health performance are used, their strengths and limitations as well as the effects of these models on health system management.


Program_English_march_2011.pdf Fichier pdf. (167.2K)



  • Measuring performance : the main theoretical elements available to decision-makers and researchers.
  • Using main analytical frameworks for health systems performance : strengths and limitations of international models.
  • Using performance analysis measures and their effects on health system management.
  • How does performance measurement translate itself at the level of health service delivery ?
  • Application of healthcare performance measurement models in Quebec.
  • Levers of change to act on health system performance.

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