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Human resources

At any time during a pandemic, the government have to safeguard the physical and psychological well-being of workers. This section, which is intended for Québec employers and workers, provides information concerning work and personnel management.


Manager's toolkit

July 31, 2009

Training program

The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux has developed the Quebec Influenza Pandemic Training Program (QIPTP), which is available to health and social-services workers in all member institutions of the Health and Social Services Telecommunications Network (RTSS).

Caregivers are invited to take this training to gain a better understanding of all the considerations that go into preparing for the pandemic and, more specifically, the organization of care, preventive measures, infection control, and the expected roles and responsibilities of caregivers during the pandemic.

Training access will be based on priority group.

Enter to the Quebec Influenza Pandemic Training Program.

Access depends on priority group.

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