Information sur le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux

Network Reorganization

Major projects

Administrative and legal

The MSSS plans to launch administrative and legal projects following the adoption of the Act in a number of areas, such as manpower, funding, standards and circulars for the network, collective agreements and management, guidelines, information assets, clinical information systems (or otherwise), records, certification and the establishment of new structures.

Moreover, the transitional characteristics of the Act require a thorough review of An Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services. Other laws and regulations involved in the reorganization of the network will subsequently be reviewed, such as the Public Health Act and An Act Respecting Pre-hospital Emergency Services. These major legal projects are expected to be completed during 2016-2017.


Another major project in collaboration with the network relates to the new accountability for institutions and the new way of allocating financial resources to them. The Act stipulates that the MSSS will now earmark budgets to institutions based on established services-programs, with the need to protect those for vulnerable customers. Moreover, the accountability of institutions will also be based on the same need, along with their annual management report and annual financial report.

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